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jason on 12/05/2011 at 05:30PM

Tracky Birthday's New Album Of Music That Is Illegal To Whistle, Hum, Talk About Or Even Think About

Take a listen to UpitUp Records co-proprietor Tracky Birthday's fantastic New Album (yes, that's the title), and -- oh no! -- you are in violation of CopyrightPlus™.

©+ is a stricter form of intellectual property protection that builds atop Tracky Birthday's existing copyright to prohibit more than just downloading, copying and sharing his New Album. According to CopyrightPlus™, it is also illegal to "consume or enjoy the content in any form; whistle or hum any excerpts of the music; talk about, listen to or even think about all or any parts of the music." Additionally, the CopyrightPlus™ license deed is itself licensed under CopyrightPlus™, so just by telling you about it I am risking fines of up to €1000.000 and the public immolation of my first born.

Normally we here at the FMA encourage all of our users to abide by the terms of the license for the tracks they discover, but in this case, we'll make an exception.

A few of my favorite jams from New Album below, including "Cheeseburglar" where Tracky raps with his mouth full to great effect, and "Where Are You" with spit-take worthy lyrics. There's a palindrome song that sounds exactly the same both forward and backwards, a track whose waveform that spells out its title (after the jump), a track with 1000 samples, and a real range of styles from rap to surf to a sweet acoustic bonus track. Every track has unique artwork embedded in the mp3, and New Album should really be experienced in all its web-tastic glory at its 15MB Release Page. When you're done scrolling, you may want to consider hitting that Flattr button or purchasing a WuBatman-Tang shirt to support UpitUp's Bandwidth costs. Or maybe you already snagged the leaked copy of New Album off ebay, part of an experiment asking "how much is a digital file worth?"

To get a better sense of where Tracky Birthday is coming from and how he feels about Copyright plus or minus, check out this great interview in what appears to be the NY Times.

also track 14's waveform spells out the song title...



junior85 on 12/05/11 at 11:42PM
Ha! Sure that's nothin'. I could tell you about my own new license called Copyright Plus Plus (or C++, as I like to call it), but regrettably even just mentioning the name of it has created both the Higgs-Boson particle AND anti-matter, leading to an inevitable black hole in the center of the planet which will very shortly tear it apart. It'll all look a bit like Melancholia. But with copyright.

Thems the breaks!
jessibird on 12/06/11 at 12:07AM
Yay, I adore Tracky! Can't wait to get home and give this a good listen.

You guys are funny. Love the copyright jokes.
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