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jason on 07/30/2011 at 01:00PM

Special Mix from Enough Records, 1st Portugese Netlabel

The first Portugese netlabel, Enough Records, is currently celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Founder Felipepsenough curates his special mix for the FMA:

with a catalog of 274 releases and counting, this mix is just the tip of the Enough Records iceberg, but it offers a great glimpse into the breadth of the label's output, from Jennifer Avila's shoegazing dream-pop to Rolemusic's "Yellow Dust" (as previously featured by True Chip Till Death). There's a really great string of instrumentals on this mix from kesson shoujo, Ikimashoo Aoi, Frame and Wurlitztraction. All of Enough's releases are Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, and you can browse the catalog by country and tag over at Enough's website with their nifty Image Flow.

Enough Records also has a great netlabel manifesto, expounded upon by label contributor Dylan of BeatLizard and the Netlabel Coalition.



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