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jason on 02/29/2012 at 06:00PM

Postrigodon Bas-Canada hip-hop troupe Alaclair Ensemble drop new LP + remix contest EP

Aclair Ensemble live at POP Montréal 2011 à la Maison des Arts de Laval-halla (via) // Photo by Scène 1425

Alaclair Ensemble is a postrigodon hip-hop ensemble from Montreal, Quebec, Bas-CanadaThe group specifically claims allegiance to the free republic envisioned by Robert Nelson, leader of the late 1830s' Lower Canada Rebellion.

Postrigodon is a new folk style original to Bas-Canada. Invented in 2013, it may have something to do with Rigodoon folk dance. I'm not sure. To my ears, it sounds like the kind of abstract rap that fans of Shabazz Palaces will appreciate, like a French-language take on the Wu Tang Clan with members delivering distinctly-voiced lines like jazz solos atop post-Dilla production and the best elements of new bass music. The collective sports a range of styles thanks to contributors from Montreal's vibrant underground hip hop community, including KenLo CraqnuquesVlooper, Maybe Watson... and YOU!

You're invited to join in on Dans L'South du Bas, a new release with three songs + three a'capellas all released under a remix-friendly Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Two of these tracks, "Les Insectes" and "Moulin Ben Sec," are below.

To participate in the remix contest, send a 256k+ mp3 of your remix to exposeaural"@" by March 25th. More info here where you can also snag the lossless a'capellas. The remix contest was a surprise bonus to accompany the anticipated release of a full LP, America, that is heavy on the Vlooper production and Maybe Watson MC contributions.

If you think two releases on one day is prolific, then check out the triple LP from a few months back, really showcasing the group's range from future hip-hop sound of "Gun gus gus" (off Le roé c'est moé), to the "postrigodon" bass music of Un PIOU PIOU parmi tant d'autres, to the electro-folk / chamber pop collage album Touladis (hear two selections, "Entre Nous" and "Des âmes qui jasent" below).



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