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jason on 03/03/2011 at 06:08PM

Los Negretes: Mexico City Garage Punk

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Mexico City's garage-punk group Los Negretes introduced themselves with a link to this deliciously destructive video of "Puta Ciudad" from La Blogotheque's Take Away Show:

The 7-piece shares six tracks from their albums Los últimos diez minutos de Maria Duval and Mexico City Blues. Los Negretes' music ranges from the short burst of "Los Últimos 10 Minutos de María Duval" (reminding me of Davila 666) to the 8-minute "Canción Lenta" that sounded a lot more like Low. There are also two very different version of "Mexico City Blues," the first is stripped-down lo-fi folk like the band formerly known as OCS while the second is a VU-inspired epic that makes the most of the 7-piece lineup. Los Negretes are coming to Austin for SXSW, and are planning a tour around South America and Europe so keep an ear out here and there.



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