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jason on 11/12/2010 at 03:00PM

Jus Like Music / Apple Juice Break's Oscillations Samplers

Jus Like Music is a great online resource for under-the-radar sounds from the hip-hop/electronica/neo-soul/dubstep realms. Run by Gav aka Jeej out of London since 2006, the site offers music reviews (including tips on free legal jams), a podcast, interviews and -- starting this year -- records!

To help spread the good word about Jus Like Music Records, they released two free Creative Commons compilations in collaboration with Sweden's Apple Juice Break. Over the course of 41 previously unheard tracks (by 41 different artists -- more if you include all the guests) these "Oscillations" compilations set a high bar for the label's future.

Check out the comps in full here -- they both come with PDF's cock full of vibrant images + artist info.

Oscillations Part 1
 //[PDF booklet]

Oscillations Part 2
 // [PDF booklet]

Both comps are solid listens all the way through, but below you'll find some of my favorites including wonky sounds from Tokyo's Broken Haze (aka Keisuke Ito of the Raid Systems label), neo-soul from Paper Tiger's collab with Sabira Jade, a smooth jam of a track from Nashville-based Brazilian-bred Ocuban, Slovenian-born Glasgow resident Maya Medvesek aka 8Bitch, and an idea-packed collaborative explosion from UK producer Kidkanevil and Brooklyn's Sudanese-American MC/Producer Oddissee.



macedonia on 11/12/10 at 08:32PM
A high bar, indeed. It was these compilations that let me know that I had a lot to learn about how the bass was constantly mutating across the pond, how a handful of stateside producers were already riding that wave, and how I will always be playing catch-up with this music.

I still have yet to play a number of these cuts on the show, but I've been meaning to. Very glad to see these compilations here on the FMA...
katya-oddio on 11/14/10 at 01:47AM
Trust macedonia's leads, so I checked these. Whoa. This is fantastic! These two albums have just become the party soundtrack for this weekend. Thanks! I heart you, Free Music Archive.

"It's not just free music; it's good music"
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