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jason on 09/16/2010 at 09:45AM

Ion - Schutzhaft* - Deep Electronic Bucharest

conceptual artist and a performer Ion Dumitrescu (via LocalRec.Ro)

The Romanian electronic label Local Records launched in July with a snazzy website, support from Institutul Cultural Roman, and three killer Creative Commons releases. Here on the FMA, they introduced us to new genres like Baleric Dub and Skweee, inspiring an expansion of our genre tree as well as our minds with deep electronic sounds. They're off to a great start with releases by Minus, Bogdan, and the Buzz.RO! compilation introducing the world to some of the major players in Romanian electronic music like Cosmin TRG, The Model, and Ion (spotlighted by Eliza Lomas)

LocalRec.Ro returns with the fantastic new Schutzhaft* EP from Ion. Ion Dumitrescu "based himself on the bass" according to the Local Recs' bio, and you can hear it -- nah, you can feel it -- listening back to these tracks. To my ears, they hit that sweet spot between deep house and industrial propulsion, off-kilter psychedelic textures meld with steadily menacing beats. Ion's sops up inspirational sound from all over -- he plays bass and various other instruments in a psych-rock band, makes field recordings, and performs experimental radio-wave sound generations. He's previously recorded bass-heavy music for labels like Patpon and DubKraft.

With a vague sort of eloquence, Schutzhaft* is released as a politicized statement against hollow club music, but utilizing many of its transcendent elements to reform from within. The EP literally gets better with each track, so get in the zone, keep an ear out for Ion's next EP in October, which LocalRec tauts as ""a gentle as guitar chord shivering adding a constant mix of electronic styles".



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