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jason on 10/09/2009 at 03:00PM

Foot Village offer Creative Commons Anti-Magic remix kit

Looking for a legal Funky Drummer sample? How about four drummers? Good news: Foot Village (Los Angeles' premier 4-drummer ensemble) is making all the multitracks from their new album Anti-Magic (Upset! The Rhythm) available for free under a Creative Commons license to encourage remixing, sampling and creative re-use.

As you may reremember, earlier this year, Foot Village enlisted a coalition of the willing to remix their song Chicken & Cheese 2, and we posted highlights (from the likes of Lucky Dragons, Tussle, Anavan, Jason Forrest, Death Sentence: Panda! and T.I.T.S.) on the FMA here. We'll do the same thing this time around. Submit your remixes after the jump, where you'll also find links to the raw audio. And here's a message from Foot Village HQ:

All of us at Foot Village love to meet, party, and even work with other musicians. So, in an effort to find even more ways to work with YOU, we our very happy to give you complete remix kits for every song on our most recent album, ‘Anti-Magic’. Thats right, separation of all 4 different drum parts and all the vocal parts, plus some surprises! So download and remix away, or sample for your own songs, or whatever you want to do with these stems from our songs. All we ask is that you share the results with us!

Here it is, 6.5 gigs of data! Our gift to you!!! All files are zips. (after the jump)

Anti-Magic (335MB)
Chicken & Cheese 2 (621MB)
Crybaby (1.2Gig)
Death of the Endless (1.1Gig)
Energy Hunters (320MB)
Grace’s Death (143MB)
National Jamthum (1Gig)
Reggae War Zone (799MB)
T.A.K.E. (1.1Gig)

Thank you very much to Jonathan Snipes for his hours of help with getting this project together!!

Creative Commons License
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