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jason on 12/09/2010 at 05:25PM

"Experimental Apple" Music Composed in HyperCard for a Trio of 68k Macs

"The Studio"

"Peter Jungers and Josh Burker collaborated to create a purposefully lo-tech approach to music making. They used HyperCard to script their music, sometimes creating pieces that were deliberately composed, other times using HyperCard's ability to randomize the music to strange effect." (via)

For anyone who was as obsessed with HyperCard as I was back in the day, just the very idea of this project mouseUps all the right buttons. But the music itself is totally engrossing in its own right; rhythmic minimalism with layers and textures despite the "purposefully lo-fi" nature of this project.

Recorded in summer 2007, originally posted on (these guys are obsessed with Macs! Check out the photo gallery!), Experimental Apple is now available from the Free Music Archive:



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