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jason on 07/22/2011 at 12:44PM

Catching Up With Beko DSL

cover to A Tribute to Club Tropicana vol. 2 via

Based in Nantes, France, the Beko Digital Singles Label ( is one of the raddest weekly Creative Commons music sharing singles clubs around, up there with Bad Panda and Ampeater (both of whom I've raved about before).

We recently welcomed a fresh back of Beko DSLs to the FMA, from Abe Sada & ^, BalĂșn, Coolrunnings, The Dreams, Moppi Ja Aivokurkiaiset, Raw Thrills, Os Ovni, and Tolouse Low Trax. Each release comes with unique artwork, and although the sounds vary from hypnagogic-pop to contemporary French dubbed-out post-punk, it's all done within a cohesive Beko aesthetic and they have excellent taste!

Beko's also been wading into other formats beyond the digital singles: The Beko Box series (vol 1, vol 2) which each contain a pack of 7"s. They've been collaborating with labels like Skrot Up, Am Discs, and Kill Shaman. And then there are the full compilations like La Station Radar (Ela Orleans, yves son ace, Wet Hair, Dirty Beaches & more), and the Tribute to Club Tropicana series (volume two, the latest release, is embedded below). Right now, Beko is on summer vacation, which gives us all a chance to catch up and soak in their latest releases -- enjoy and dig deeper at



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