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jason on 02/05/2013 at 03:49PM

Bitbasic's Foresty Electronica, Custom DJ Software, RPM Album-in-a-Month Challenge

As Bitbasic, Simon Haycock creates expressive instrumental electronica that he calls 'glitch,' but more often than not defies categorization. Bitbasic fuses everything from jazz licks to downtempo, funky hip-hop beats to ambient layered shoegaze, IDM to jungle, all through a breezy style that Drowned in Sound compared to fellow Londoner Four Tet. He's also drawn comparisons to everyone from Steve Reich to Aphex Twin while releasing music on some of the snazziest netlabels around.

"Lack of Anything Good" a track off 2010's Pixel Mixel (Rec72), was my introduction to Bitbasic. Featured on All2Gethernow's Creative Commons compilation, the track's slammin' intro segues seamlessly into a hypnotic groove. Haycock has been refining his craft since the age of 15, and programming is very much a part of his approach. Using the programming environment Max/MSP, he designed his own software, the DJ64, for live performance with the Monome controller. Here's a video demonstration:

Rec72 describes Bitbasic's latest as an album of Future Garage tracks like "Alpha Dromeyo" alongside folksy and foresty electronica journeys like "Stealth Elk." There is so much to explore on Meek that it's hard to believe the album was created over the course of just one month as part of the RPM Challenge. The challenge invites anyone and everyone to create a 10-song album all in the month of Febrauary, and last year was Bitbasic's third year participating.

If you'd like to join this year's album-in-a-month challenge, RPM 2013 is underway here.

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yan_g on 02/07/13 at 10:58AM
Superb Owl is my fave 2012 track, a true wonder!
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