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jason on 06/11/2010 at 04:53PM

BNegão & Os Seletores de Freqüência: Explosive Brazilian hip-hop/dub

BNegão (center) e Os Selectores de Freqüência

Enxugando Gelo (Drying Ice) by BNegão e Os Selectores de Freqüência was not only one of the most acclaimed Brazilian music releases of 2003, but also a prominent early example of Creative Commons-licensed music in Brazil. BNegão posted the album to his website a month after its commercial release, and I found it through Overmixter, a Brazilian collaboration between Overmundo and ccMixter.

Bernardo "BNegão" Santos (born 1973 in Rio De Janeiro) is a former member of the Brazilian hip-hop collective Planet Hemp, where he shared lead vocal duties with Marcelo D2 and became the group's lyricist. Following a solo debut, Enxugando Gelo was BNegão's first album with Seletores de Freqüência, a full band featuring Gabriel Muzak on guitar, drummer Pedro Garcia, Kalunga on bass, DJ Rodrigues, vocalist Paulo dos Santos and Pedrão on trumpet. The music is an explosive fusion of hip-hop, bossa, samba, metal ("Qual é o seu nome" is super hard rock), and funk with a heavy dose of dub (dig the spaced-out "O oppositor").

BNegão is recognized for his lyrical wit, and a few of these tracks ("Nova Visão", "Enxugando Gelo" "A Verdadeira Dança do Patinho") contain lyrics that criticize the Brazilian government. You can delve into the lyrics here, and even use Google Translate to convert them from Portuguese to another language if you are so inclined.

The idea of Creative Commons is particularly powerful in Brazil, where a military regime (1964-1985) once repressed artistic expression. One such artist, Gilberto Gil, was arrested by the Brazilian government in 1969, but has since gone on to become a Grammy Award-winning musician. Gil is also a major proponent of the free culture movement, and formed a partnership with Creative Commons during his time as Brazil's Minister of Culture (2003-2008).


Coincidently, Enxugando Gelo is one of several releases by Brazilian artists posted to the FMA this week. I found it following a tip from Tatiana of O Estado de S. Paulo (thanks Tatiana!). Also be sure to check out Oddio-Overplay's recent post on Mangeuebeat from Mombojó, classical pianist Felipe Saro, the electrorganic sound of Axial, BNegão collaborator Maga Bo, and much more on the Brazil tag page.

We're always looking for more quality CC sounds from Brazil and beyond, so leave a comment if you've got any tips for us! And word is there's a new album on the way from BNegão this summer, so keep an ear out!

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