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on 06/01/2012 at 04:12PM
Hello, I received your message about Slinte in my email. I am only a user myself and not a contact person for Slinte so am not the one to ask for permission. But I can tell you that you are free to use their music for non-commercial purpose under Creative Commons licensing Share Alike. Click on the license link at their site for complete information. You do not need additional permission from the band, and you will find it impossible to contact them since they have been out of business for many years. You may also see and download some Slinte music at the Internet Archive http://archive.org/details/Slainte. You may also be interested in the podcast I did of their music for additional information I compiled about them. It is at http://music.lightreport.org/?p=1029. Good luck with your project. ~Gordon Rosenberg