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Hello guys! My name is James and I like to share my own experience in some house stuff. I will tell you about the best tools and stuff that you will be able to buy and use in your own life. 

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jameswestone on 04/16/2019 at 12:45PM

What is it "Good vegetable peeler"?

A Good Peeler is the Necessary Kitchen and Cooking Tool 

If you are searching for the best vegetable peeler, it can be quite difficult to find the right tool since the market offers hundreds of different peelers vegetables and fruits depending on their skin thickness and your personal requirements. I work as a chef and I know what you definitely need to have in your kitchen to make the process of cooking quick and hassle-free. I would like to review some of the most useful and practical peelers that you can buy for a low price online. 


Precision Kitchenware Dual Julienne

This is one of my assistants at work that I had for the last year. I use it almost every day and enjoy its great performance because it allows saving food, unlike those cheap and low-quality peelers that scrape food. The peeler comes with a little book of recipes that are super easy and will give you some interesting ideas for meals to surprise your family. The peeler comes with a special brush to get rid of tiny pieces of veg skin that can stick between teeth and get rotten. There is also a blade guard which is good if you have kids who are very curious. 


OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

This is a peeler with an exceptionally comfortable grip so if you struggle with finding a comfy peeler, then you will certainly admire this model. I use it for vegetable and fruits with rough skin. When peeling, it slides easily taking off only skin leaving vegetables and fruits undamaged. This peeler is not only comfy due to a comfy and non-slip handle but two rotating blades that slip softly. If you like to cook potato without skin then this is certainly a great peeler because it removes those hard-to-get potato eyes. 


Vremi Spiralizer Slicer

This spiralizer comes under $8 but it will amaze you with what it can do for you. This is a 3 blades peeler that will easily make spaghetti from zucchini. Peel zucchini and have them in the shape of noodles and fry them with some garlic and olive oil in the frying pan. This is why one of my favorite recipes that you can use while on a diet. The set includes a vegetable and fruit peeler with a comfy grip handle. It also comes with a cleaning brush to get rid of small pieces of skin between peeler teeth. 


Spring Chef 3-Piece Peelers

My last pick is Spring Chef 3-Piece Peelers for vegetables and fruits with gentle and hard skin. This set of peelers will be especially admired by vegetarians and help to prepare food fast and enjoyable. There are three peelers with different blades: serrated for soft skin vegetables, swivel for hard skin vegetables, and julienne for making thin strips. They are all different colors, so read the instruction to use each tool for the right purpose. Each peeler has an eye remover so you won't ruin your potato and won't have to cut them if the recipe requires to keep them uncut. Spring Chef brand provides a lifetime warranty so you shouldn't worry about the quality of this set even though it comes under $10.



All the vegetable and fruit peelers that I discussed in my review apart from Vremi Spiralizer  Slicer can be washed in dishwater, they are small and you can even take them with you on a picnic. Make sure you are careful enough because brand new peelers have extremely sharp blades and can easily cut your skin or nails.  


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