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jamesrichings on 05/09/2016 at 09:08AM

Let’s Get Brighton Rocking - Great LIVE Bands to Hire in Brighton

The Mighty Bloxed !

There are over 500 bands available to hire from in and around Brighton. Considering that Brighton is known as the European version of San Francisco, you can imagine why there’s so many, and just what kind of diversity that 500+ strong list represents. If you’re looking to work with an artist for your recording session or live event, one of the easiest ways to narrow down the thousands of performers from the area is to search a free-to-use trading platform like Warble Entertainment , which lets individual artists, groups (and even non-musical acts like fire-spinners) list their sweet skills at their going rate, along with some evidence of what they can do.


It certainly seems a lot more streamlined than the traditional music booking process of meeting friends-of-friends of going through agents (who represent just a few artists and take part of their hard-earned dues), but what kind of Brighton bands can you really find on the platform?


You’ll find rock and Britpop cover bands like The Great Escape or The Works, both with years of experience playing at parties, specializing in floor-filling chart toppers. Then there’s personality-driven trios of vocal gospel singers or harmonisers like The Dotty Dolls. You can hire a dozen different jazz bands, or Beatles tribute band the Brighton Beatles with their convincing sound and very committed haircuts.


What if you’re after something at the more outlandish end of the spectrum? You can hire the absurdist music group Musical Santas for a Christmas party (they really do seem to specialise in classic Christmas tunes – it’s not just a visual theme), classic/rock ballad gothic songstresses Luna who will – no kidding! – sing you an incredible Italian version of Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game. Or, is it in Latin? You could even hire your very own beat-boxing vocal group in the form of Brighton’s Bloxed Beatbox. You can even hire this crazy guy to show up to your event with his Future Harp. I kind of think it must just be like air guitar, except the weirdest air-instrument you’ve ever seen. But even doubting that it’s real, you can’t take your eyes off it.


Most performers offer to bring all their own top-of-the-line equipment, so you can get around the costs of a PA. You can hire more than just live music, too. There’s a Sussex-travelling fire juggler and Brighton-based

fire entertainment troupe


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jamesrichings on 02/10/2016 at 04:13PM

Top 3 Destinations in America for Music Lovers

The world of music has for long been growing tremendously in United States of America. The country bears a great musical name as it is home to iconic musicians across the globe. USA features all genres of music like rock, jazz, soul, classics and reggae among many others. In this regard, a lot of people from all corners of the world travel to USA to quench their thirst for music. Moreover, travelling to the United States of America has been made easy as people can use the new online visa waver program and get a short term (90 days) recreational travel visa called the 'Electronic System for Travel Authorization' (esta visa) from places like esta-visa in order to acquire travel documents faster, as opposed to the long document filling process and harder to aquire full US Visa. Whether looking for concerts or just to listen to your favorite music, you will be in the right place while in USA. In fact best music venues are innumerable across the country. For music lovers, it is time to pack and head to USA in search of the following music venues:



This legendary music venue is situated in Chicago’s Lincoln Park community. The venue is legendary in the sense that it existed several decades ago and was in a position to nourish its name for its historical drama dating back in 1934. It is also known for hosting and launching personalities like Dave Mathews. The venue is spacious enough to carry a great number of people. Schubas Tavern’s great name has seen the venue grow and attract a lot of people in each music show. It is the best venue for those seeking indie type music concerts and performances.


Situated in Los Angeles, Troubadour ranks among the top most famous music venues in USA. It was established in 1957, and since then has hosted music shows done by renowned world artists. Those who have visited this venue have been privileged to watch live performances from musicians like Elton John, Carole King, and James Taylor among others. Troubadour never runs dry of both local and foreign visitors as they come to listen to all genres of music. A lot of upcoming artists have seen their names grow for hosting performances in this venue. It is guaranteed that whenever you step on the stage at Troubadour, your name is heading to fame.


It is one of the leading venues where visitors enjoy a dose of classics and other songs dating back decades. The hall is a landmark historical music venue designed and decorated in its own unique way. It is here that you will hear and encounter some of the best symphonies ever. The venue also hosts cultural music and romantic music as well. Those who have been at Severance hall can attest to the fact that the performances will leave you calling for more. Severance hall is located in Cleveland and remains ever busy for its pleasant tunes.

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jamesrichings on 01/27/2016 at 12:28PM

Signed posters and tickets showing off your treasured music souvenirs

Showing off you prime signed Poster !!

Do you have any highly valuable souvenirs from that music concert? Did you get an autographed T-shirt? Were you the lucky recipient of something thrown into the crowd from your favourite artiste? Did you get your Poster signed by the Artist ? This piece takes a look at possible ways you can show off any of them!

Poster frames a poster frame company think that:

"Poster frames are the best option if you are in possession of a signed poster from your favourite artiste. They come in various sizes, colours and designs so they can instantly transform that poster into a stunning piece of art for your living space or office. What better way to show off than an autographed poster hanging on your wall in a nice frame?"

Social media


The social media not only offers you the chance to show off but you could become popular very quickly. A simple tweet saying

“I got the shirt thrown to me from the DJ box @ Avicii last night!!!”

could get you thousands of retweets from the millions of fans out there who would definitely love to be in your shoes. The increased popularity could be all you need to increase your social media following from a few dozens to thousands. If you’ve been on social media for a while, you must have seen this happen to someone else once. It’s your turn now.


You can immortalise that autographed poster by converting it to a design on your urban fashion wear. Obviously, this will take away some of the originality but it is a great way to get people asking questions. You can then proudly narrate how the design came about! This is even easier when the souvenir is an autographed piece of clothing. Simply touch up your wardrobe so you’d have more combinations to wear and show it off.

Donate to your local museum

If you got something very valuable, you could give back to your community by donating it to a museum where dozens of people can come together daily to get a close look at it. Think about being the recipient of an Ed Sheeran guitar. Many local museums will be pleased to have it hanging in one of their glass counters. Most museums have a background story for every item in their grounds. You can therefore be sure that your name will become quickly popular over time and could be immortalised forever.

With these tips, you can now show off your music souvenirs better. If you spent a fortune to get that front row view, you have every right to let everyone know about it!

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jamesrichings on 11/09/2015 at 09:34PM

Using crowdfunding to finance your music projects

When it comes to financing any sort of projects, most people will immediately look towards banks and other traditional lending houses for help. However, banks are no longer the leading source of funding for most causes. Personal financing is now the leading provider of funds for a wide variety of projects including music. Investments in a music project will be termed high risk by many banks. Therefore, many musicians in need of funding look towards non-traditional lending options.

The leading option among these non-traditional methods is crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding involves raising money from a large group of individuals on the internet. The concept is reliant on sheer number of the donating force to achieve funding goals. With large numbers, donors will only have to make small contributions to help the musician arrive at their target amount. This makes it easier to get a project to appeal to them.

With the proliferation of the internet, musicians can now tap into a huge pool of donors easily and quickly. These donors are always ready to help if they are convinced about the music project. A good number of musicians have been left on the outside looking in after taking their funding needs to traditional lenders but crowdfunding platforms like the Plumfund website have turned their fortunes around. Plumfund is a platform with a dedicated portal for musicians and do not hold out for any cuts or profits from donated amounts. They are solely focused on ensuring that deserving projects get the funding they need to come to life.

On crowdfunding platforms, donors do not expect anything in return. This is unlike what is obtainable with Angel Investors where focus is on what the investor stands to gain following project success. Donors in crowdfunding only enjoy the gratification of knowing that the project came to life because of their contribution.

One side advantage of using crowdfunding is that is helps generate buzz for the music project. As people discuss donating to the cause on social media for example, the project gets exposure that will push it towards success following launch.

There are many examples of musicians that have used crowdfunding to good effect in the past. One of the most popular examples is the case of Amanda Palmer . She was able to raise $1.2 million through crowdfunding. Other smaller examples like this one also abound.

Crowdfunding means musicians are no longer limited when it comes to raising funds for their projects. If the project is novel enough, there is a great chance of raising all or some of the cash needed for the project online. The power of the internet today means ability to take advantage of the power in numbers.

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jamesrichings on 10/14/2015 at 02:46PM

Top 7 Rock Albums of All Time

You may know Fall Out Boy’s tour dates. You may know the top 7 bass players in Rock but do you know the top 8 rock albums of all time? We will take a look at them below in no particular order. Hint: It doesn’t include anything from Linkin Park. Or Radio Head. Or Nickelback!

Deep Purple – Machine Head

Released in 1972, this was the sixth studio album from the British band. It hit number 7 on the billboard charts and holds the honour of being the album that ushered in heavy metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd’s eighth studio recording was released in 1973. It was widely hailed as the perfect experimentation in sound as each album side represented one continuous piece of music. The album was represented on the Billboard charts for a massive 714 weeks.

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

This was Springsteen’s third album. It was released in 1975 and ended up launching him into commercial limelight. The record enjoyed lots of praise and peaked at number three on the Billboard charts. The album has sold over 10 million copies to date. This album is popular for bringing us classics like “Thunder Road” “Tenth-Avenue Freeze Out” and, of course, “Born To Run”.

Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

This was Led Zeppelin’s fifth studio album. It was released in 1973 and was known as the first to feature only brand new and original content. The record did not just go platinum 11 times over, it was also the album that brought classics like “No Quarter” “The Rain Song” and “The Song Remains the Same”.

Pearl Jam – Ten

The album was Pearl Jam’s debut and was released in 1991. It is one of the trail blazers for the grunge era so it was greeted with minimum fanfare. The album however went on to hit number 2 on the charts and was certified 13 times platinum following the explosion of the genre. Some of the classics from the album that have endured to this day include “Evenflow,” “Jeremy,” and “Alive”.

The Beatles – Abbey Road

Abbey Road is unanimously considered one of the best rock albums of all time. However, upon its release, it received mixed reviews because the band departed from the sound that was the group’s signature in their first 10 albums. However, the album went on to sell around 5 million copies in 3 months of release. It has been certified 12 times platinum.

Combat Rock – The Clash

The Clash’s third album was released to critical and commercial success all over the world in 1982. The album reached #3 on the Billboard charts. Some of the songs that smashed the airwaves back in 1982 still enjoy massive airplay today with “Rock the Casbah” and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” being the most popular.

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jamesrichings on 07/15/2015 at 09:12PM

Promoting yourself as an artist

You could be one of the best singer songwriters in the world but if you don’t promote yourself well enough, no one will hear and appreciate your music. In fact, some consider promoting yourself the hardest part of being an artist because to a lot of people, writing music is natural but getting people to listen to it is a whole different ball game. So what ways are there to get your music out there and listened to by the public and potential labels who are looking for artists to sign? I spoke with David from, a digital agency located in Bishops Sortford, about music promoting and he mentioned that there are “many ways to promote yourself as an artist” and to not “limit yourself to one particular type or method of promoting”. I pressed him further about some of the different ways and he sent me a short list of some of the most popular and successful ways to get yourself noticed as an up and coming artist.


This is a great way of showcasing your music in a quick, easy and mobile format that can be accessed anywhere and at any time as long as there’s an internet connection. This is probably the most common way of showing people your music and it’s really easy to just copy and paste your track link and send it to people to listen to. Also people can search for your artist name and find your tracks or even search for the tags that you’ve labelled under such as “dubstep” or “hip hop” etc. Sending your tunes off to prospective labels is also really simple as most have a soundcloud drop box which enables fast and easy file sending.


This can be used like soundcloud as in that it’s a great way of getting your music on the internet in an easy to find format, however youtube is known more for videos than audio only so a good way to stand out here is to create some visuals to go with the audio. This doesn’t mean you have to create a multi millions style music video, however creating interesting and relevant visuals that match the music can really help a tracks view count and could be a good USP to your music.


This is a good way to promote yourself as a person/artist rather than promoting your music per say. Twitter is a fast and fun way of interacting with people from all over the world and if you apply this as an artist, it’s a great way to interact with fans and listeners. Artists that interact with their fans will always be much better at promoting themselves than ones that don’t so it’s something to keep in mind. Stay active on twitter and promote yourself as a person and as a musician!


This is quite an old school way or promoting but there’s a reason why it’s still done. It works! Promoting a new track/album by putting up posters around universities, city centres or anywhere that you deem to be appropriate can be a long process but if you make the poster different and eye catching, it will perk some interest. You could also try something different like hidden messages and codes for the viewer to figure out. Anything that imprints your artist name in the back of the minds so the next time they’re on youtube or soundcloud, they type your name in!


Ok it’s more mix CD’s now but it’s the same thing! Creating a Cd with your latest tracks is a great way of getting your music heard by people who wouldn’t usually hear it. It will cost you money of course (the price of the CD’s/labels etc) but it’s a very effective way of getting your tracks out into the local area to create a bit of buzz.

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jamesrichings on 06/25/2015 at 02:01PM

Financing Your New Dance Record Shop

For anyone looking at launching a musical business in 2015, a dance record shop is a logical choice. Over the past few years the numbers for vinyl sales have continued to soar, signalling resurgence in this sector. In the first part of 2015 alone, there was a 53% year on year rise compared to 2014. In 2014 vinyl record sales crossed the 9 million mark for the first time in 20 years. Any industry posting such statistics is well worth investment!

What do you need for your new dance record shop?

Choose a location

This is the obvious first step. While the most ideal location is a busy area with high footfall, the proliferation of e-commerce means you can use any space you can find while creating a distinctive online shop to showcase your stock.

Decide on staff strength

The second step is to decide on staffing. The ideal size of staff for your shop is dependent on the size of the shop at launch. A small sized shop can be handled solely by one person but to ensure seamless operations, aim to have at least two individuals managing the shop. Keeping tabs of the stock, completing shipping and attending to all customer enquiries may be hard for a single individual regardless of the size of the shop.

Source for stock

This is perhaps the most important part of setting up your dance record shop. Your stock needs to cover house, techno, funk, disco as well as specialist old dance records. The items can be new or second-hand but there should be clear distinction in your catalogue. Your second hand stock will come mostly from car boots, charity shops and old shops but you can also get stock from DJs and members of the public willing to get rid of their records.


Getting the word out about your shop is the only way to hasten success. In the early days, explore free advertisement options and scale up as the business grows for example, enquire about getting on the local radio.

Getting finance

Lack of funding is one of the main reasons a lot of people are unable to start up their dream businesses, and with the dance record shop it is no different. Getting the shop off the ground, bearing in mind the things listed above, will require a decent amount of investment. Here are three main ways you can get the essential capital:

Your savings

If you have any money saved up this may be a good time to put it to good use. Using your own savings means you don’t have to go through the wait associated with loans or bother about repayments with often extortionate interest rates.

Borrowing from family

If you have anyone within your family that has funds for investment this is a good time to talk to them. If they are impressed with the potential, they will be willing to part with the amount you seek without asking for interest, or for a stake in the business.


Crowdfunding is a relatively new method of funding a business idea. It involves reaching a number of individuals online or offline, mostly strangers, who will be willing to invest small percentages in your business to make up the amount you are looking for. The terms of investment vary depending on the type of funding. Investors may own a stake in your business or simply hold out for profitable repayment of the funds at a later date.

These three major ways of getting funds, however, have their drawbacks. For example, inability to repay money borrowed from a family member in a timely fashion can cause a strain on the relationship. This guide here does a great job of looking at the pros and cons of each method of business funding.

The age of the buying audience for vinyl records is generally

individuals below 35 years of age

. This paints a bright picture for the prospects of the industry. With proper planning and adequate funding, a dance record shop has immense potential in today’s global marketplace

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jamesrichings on 04/14/2015 at 09:31AM

Putting on a club night doesn’t just mean you have to have music

I’ve had a fair few years experience putting on music club nights around the United Kingdom. From Brighton to London to Bristol, even abroad, the club nights I’ve put on have been great success and have run well for a number of years. But why does a club night just have to be about the music? How about putting on a night that has a different type of entertainment? I had an idea about a year ago about putting on a sort of club show, rather than a club night and I booked a few different club “acts” and “entertainment” rather than just music. What did I learn and what advice can I give to other people who are looking to do the same thing? I spoke to classique promotions, who specialise in event and corporate entertainment, to gain some further advice for this article and we agreed on this helpful advice for any of you who decide to choose to stage a different type of club night!

Bring the correct talent in

No one says that you cant have any music with this type of club night, however when it comes to booking the main act entertainment, you need to make sure you book the best possible for the price you have available in you budget. Have a look at your projected audience age and type of person you’re aiming for and book the talent accordingly. There’s no point booking a dance act, for instance, if there is no raised stage or platform big enough to hold all of them!

Check the club size

If you’ve booked a club that holds a mere 100 people, it might be slightly silly to book entertainment that will draw a much bigger crowd than that. For instance, you won’t make the money on the door due to people being turned away to avoid overcrowding. Likewise, if you’ve booked a club that costs a small fortune to hire and holds 1000 people, yet the entertainment you booked won’t draw a huge crowd, chances are you’ll probably lose money and the club wont have the same atmosphere. Be warned!

Health and Safety

With any sort of non music based entertainment, make sure you get to know the clubs health and safety rules and code so you can make sure your club goers are safe. Fire breathers, for example, will carry with it certain types of risks that a DJ wouldn’t and its important that you take the appropriate safety measures to stop the club or venue going up in flames. You could also be liable from a law standpoint so always make sure you check with the club first before booking the entertainment.

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jamesrichings on 03/02/2015 at 06:55PM

It’s Nearly Festival Season so Grab Your Hoodie and Shoes

Ok so maybe its not nearly festival season but it really isn’t as long away as you might think. The worst of winter is over and the days are getting lighter fast. The wind is still blowing, but hey it’s England what do you expect? There are a few festivals that I really want to go to this year, but the main one has to be Outlook in Croatia. I don’t even need to see the lineup but I’ve already saved up for my ticket. No matter what festival you go to however, planning what you’re wearing and taking with you is key for a good time. Personally, my usual festival wear consists of a hoodie and jeans. It’s always comfort over style for me. If you prefer to look good whilst seeing the latest chart topping DJ then that’s cool too. So whether you’re an Air Force wearer or you prefer to go with worldwide classic shoes more fashionable and iconic than trainers, such as wellingtons, my short festival clothes guide should help you decide what to take and what not to take.

Waterproof where you can 

Depending on where your festival is located, you’ll probably want to take waterproof clothing. If it’s in the United Kingdom, you’ll absolutely need to take waterproof clothing! That’s a guarantee! Even if its just a waterproof coat and nothing else, it could be a life saver if you’re waiting around outside for the next act to show up. Not to mention, getting rained on will eventually end up in you being freezing and probably a little miserable. If you don’t want to take waterproof clothes, just take enough dry clothes to be able to change often to stay relatively comfortable.

Baggy or Tight 

This is personal preference but you need to take clothes that you are comfortable in. If you prefer big and baggy, go for it. If you prefer tighter clothes that are lighter on your body, go for it. Doesn’t matter what style or types you go for just make sure you are comfortable. You might be in this clothing for days so if you’re wearing shorts that end up rubbing your thighs raw, it might be wise to throw them away and change into something a little less punishing! There is no right or wrong answer here! J

To Hippie or not to Hippie 

Ok so this one might not be for everyone but there seems to be a lot of people embracing this style at a lot of festivals these days. It’s not really my type of style but seeing a see of people with flowers in their hair with 60’s influenced fashion flowing to the music is an awesome sight. I’ve even dabbled in that style every now and again! If you want to hippie it up at any festival, trust me, you won’t be alone!


Still undecided on what to wear to your next summer festival? Don’t worry; you’ve got a few months yet to decide. But whatever type of music you’re into, from Metal, Hip Hop to EDM, make sure you take a few pairs of whatever you take with you because chances are you’ll need fresh clothes after a few hours!

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jamesrichings on 10/13/2014 at 10:40AM

My 10 Great Clubs in Dubai

Like all cosmopolitans, nightlife is an important part of Dubai buzz. With its multicultural crowds, well-designed places and complete security, Dubai clubs are considered best among the rest. I’ve flown over to Dubai a few times in the past 5 years or so, simply because the country is so vibrant and there’s so much to do. The nightlife is great also. Speaking from experience, I’ve had some of the best nights of my life over in the UAE so I thought I’d put down some of my best experiences at some of these clubs and give you some advice about where to visit and when! Here is my list of the 10 best clubs in Dubai.


The club has been rated the best amongst Dubai’s others by time out Dubai. It has become an ideal location for those wandering around the area to get a feel of Dubai’s nightlife and it’s at the end of the marina walkway. Make this one of the first clubs you visit in Dubai!

People by Crystal

This club is known for its hospitality and when I visited, I’d have to agree with that. The club has an edge over a lot of the other clubs I visited, not just because of its scenic location but also due to its captivating interior and astounding light effects that are tactically synchronised with the music. All in all, it should provide you with the best night experience in the city.


For a modern nightlife experience, addict’s Trilogy nightclub offers one of the best in the city. The club is recognised by locals and tourists as a fine and popular club with impressive DJ’s, residents and artists flown in. A dedicated bar area is a perfect getaway from the club area if you need time to recover, as I did! For me, the rooftop was also a great place to cool down and to relax with the Dubai air giving you that much needed refreshment.


Luxury your sought of thing? Well to be honest, it’s not really mine but I was taken along to this club and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Armani Prive is an ultra-luxurious club in Dubai for those searching for a premium clubbing experience. The club features a black and white interior for the spacious lounge and a premium bar so just make sure you’ve brought plenty of money with you as the drinks are certainly not cheap!


Located at Dubai Marine Beach Resort, the club is among the finest in Dubai and one of my personal favourites. The place is known for its extravagant interior and every night in the club is themed differently. I went back there twice and the interior had totally changed from 2 days earlier!


The club is supposed to give you the feel of some exotic tropical island and that’s what the interior of the club really does promote. The club is a part of Jumeirah beach hotel and the exotic bar is known for its cocktails. I tired to order as many varieties as possible, but I started to feel a bit worse for wear after 7 or so!


This club is an ideal example of successful integration between high class dining and the classic club concept that we all know and love. The club consists of a dedicated dining area, 2 bars and a dance floor where the music puna out from a very good soundsystem.


This club consists of three separate areas that really enhance the clubbing experience. As I walked into the club, I was greeted with the arena, lounge, and the terrace area. Yes the first two areas are good but the terrace offers a spectacular view of Dubai whilst you sip on your Dubai cocktail.


Dance music is the name of the game for this decent club. Probably the best nightclub in the city when it comes to Dj’s and music choice, the Republique has a beautiful interior and many light effects that add to the great atmosphere already in the nightclub.

XL Beach club

If you do end up visiting Dubai, make this beach club a stop on your travels. The club is located at the Habtoor Grand resort and the club offers fine dining, drinks and a nice sized dance floor.


So if you end up visiting Dubai and you’re looking for some of the best nightlife in the area, make sure you take note of this article and choose one of the clubs mentioned for a guaranteed great night! If you want to find out what’s happening in Dubai this week, check online at AAJ Property for more information!

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