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i_am_snawklor on 06/02/2010 at 07:17PM

good looking gigs

Louise models tinnitus at Kings Ari Photo by Karl Von Bamberger

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i_am_snawklor on 12/17/2009 at 01:36AM

Free Music Archive

mona sideshow poster my Nathan Gray.

Big changes at the moment. First of all you will notice after many problems all the album downloads at our usual blog downloads have been moved to a seperate linked blog page and all our tracks will now be hosted here on the Free Music Archive so there will be no more stuff ups. We're looking for people to review and comment on this stuff at the archive as much as possible as well as on lastfm. Go Street Team.We'll also be doubling up at our usual blog and have a fan page on facebook.

Also this saturday if you live Hobart

Saturday 19th of DecemberMONA Presents:SnawklorKind WindsDrunk ElkVividsThe Peacock TheatreSalamanca Arts CentreHobart

7pm $10

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