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Born out of VOID Records after a relocation, Happy Puppy launched in 2001, and began releasing CC albums in 2006.  The label is home to Lee Rosevere's various musical indulgences, along with music made by other people, like C4, Jason Kaneshiro, Monopole, Logan Whitehurst (rip) and many others.

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happypuppyrecords on 01/13/2017 at 05:35PM

Music inspired by MiNRS

from Kevin's blog http://kevinarts.blogspot.ca/

Hey there! Lee Rosevere here.. thanks for reading this - the first official post as Happy Puppy has moved our homebase to the FMA. And I got something new..

It never ceases to amaze me how giving away my music for free has come back to me in many ways - videos, podcasts, short films.. it's led to some amazing opportunities for me. Most recently, young adult author Kevin Sylvester used some of my music as a soundtrack while he was writing his most recent book MiNRS2.

This blew me away - I read the books, and really enjoyed them - so much that I challenged myself to write music to make sort of an 'unofficial' soundtrack or score to the books.

The whole process took 5 days: 2 to read the books, and 3 to compose all the music. Full album is here - you don't have to be familiar with the books to enjoy it (I hope), but it certainly helps.

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happypuppyrecords on 01/02/2017 at 03:44AM

Hot news for 2017!


Hey! Happy new year to you, thanks for reading this.

So.. there's some changes coming to this 'lil blog here.. I know, I don't update it much and I'm not sure how many people actually read it. But I'm hoping this will change, because coming soon.. the Happy Puppy Records website is going down and I need a new home for it.

My current internet provider was giving me free (although extremely limited ) webspace with my account, and they've decided to turn that feature off. This leaves me with a few options, which I have been thinking about for a couple of weeks.

I've decided that this here page on the FMA will be the new home for HPR.


The reasons are numerous, but let's just say that things have changed on the internet since I first uploaded the hand-written (and extremely basic) code for the HPR site. The idea of having your own 'website' is a bit of an out-dated thing. Yes, there are places like wix.com, but all of those have a fixed template that make your site look like everyone elses. I'm not sure the level of control they give you.. like, can you just upload a hand-written html page and publish it? I doubt it. Can't do that on tumblr or blogspot, which are huge disavantages to me.

However, if we're being completely honest here, the idea of writing code by hand, uploading the files, writing the blurb, editing the catalog page, updating the news page, and then posting about it became extremely tedious. I lost the desire to maintain the page and therefore updates were sporatic and unfocused. I was perfectly happy just uploading the latest release to FMA or Bandcamp and being done with it after that.

That's the main reason I've decided to make this FMA page the new home for HPR. Minimal maintenance, automatic catalog updates, built-in announcements on the front page, etc. I hate the idea of giving up something that is 'my own' - but I have to acknowledge for whatever reason, I didn't want to maintain a site anymore. I still love making music, just not the coding part of it.

So, very soon the happypuppyrecords.ca URL will point to here, and the old site will be no more. And that's ok. Most people have found my music from FMA anyway, so I won't lose anything.

Thanks for reading - I have a bunch of old HPR albums that were never posted on FMA, so I better get cracking. See you in 2017!

~Lee Rosevere

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