Gwilly Edmondez (Contributor)


Co-Founder of Radioactive Sparrow in 1980, Gwilly started Kakutopia with Tony Gage and Richard Bowers in 1998 as a loosely defined collective of artists committed to undermining commercial convenience and having a mentholated laugh making art. In 1990 Gwilly began doing unaccompanied rock singing (UARS) on dictaphones carried in the days of dross.

Currently, Gwilly plays in the duos Falco Subbuteo (with Val Persona), Edmondez-D'Silva (with Karl D'Silva), Entertainment Price Blitz (with Not Seeing Window Covering 5) and Bishop Skinner (with Andew Fletcher); and the trio/4tet HAWKS (with Val Persona, Ilton Joan and Rhodri Davies). Music by all these outfits will feature here on FMA.

The entire Kakutopia archive will be serialised weekly from soon at kakutopia dot com.

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on 12/07/2009 at 08:32PM
Hey Gwilly, I think we've got you set to go with Copydex now
Gwilly Edmondez
on 04/01/2009 at 11:58AM
Bridgend is the Baddest Borough In Britain!