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erincullinane on 11/14/2011 at 06:38PM

The Meaning Of Life

Angels in America -- Merv Glisten & Moppy Pont

Already beginning to nurse my burns, as flames from the sin of a release -- Narrow Road to the Interior  (2011,Ehse) proceed to lap up all around me, I realize this is the moment that my essence has officially been ignited. 

The album opens with heavy breathing -- to alert the listener of the absolute fear we are to encounter, as we spiral down into the maelstrom that is  Angels In America. Instantly, one is debilitated and unconsciously unable to turn away from the captivating violent fire that is Merv Glistens bleak, dreary night lit prism of extended musical techniques and the voice of ethereal emptiness that bleeds from the radiant maiden, Moppy Pont.

Each track is a different ember in the fire and burns with a poetic narrative that mixes the abstract with the concrete, providing an etching to navigate your own soul search with. All the tracks are most compelling and completely disorienting - in a mysterious walk in the woods / harrowing tale, sort of way, with myriad listens --and Angels in America will hypnotize you in to making this part of your daily ritual -- you drift further into your own spiritual mindset, search through the ashes and get a little closer towards the actual Meaning of Life. For in this utterly, utterly beautiful swirl-away, it is obvious, Merv & Moppy already know it.

-- 10/10

If you haven't purchused their LP yet -- I think you should. This is going to be a collectors item in a few years.

Angels in America -- Narrow Road to the Interior

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