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I am a maker of media things. I've put a lot of radio into the world.

My current FMA infused improvised comedy podcast is called Derailer.

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erickleincaw on 05/21/2015 at 06:43PM

I love what happened when dozens of artists played a game of telephone with one folk-pop tune!

My friend Dina wrote the song and recorded it. She emailed the track to Jesse who gave it a listen and then recorded his cover version within 24 hours. Jesse sent his version to Sylvan who based his cover off of what Jesse recorded, with no idea of how Dina's original sounded. Then Sylvan sent his song to me. I recorded my cover and sent it to Jascha. And so on. What happens to the lyrics and the melody after more than a dozen iterations is really interesting. I love how artist #13 pulls it all back together into a cohesive folk song that's like the labradoodle to Dina's original puggle. They're both descended from the same blood line, but they're not the same dog anymore.

It's like how music used to work before the 20th century, but accelerated to a 21st century speed.

We should do it again. You should steal this idea and then make sure you share yours with us. I'd love to hear it.

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