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emcecil on 09/15/2011 at 12:53PM

Sex Church: "Dull Light"

In "Dull Light," Vancouver's Sex Church roll out a nice pastiche of Krautrock, space-rock, teen jangle and punk -- a languid number that could've belonged to any one of those bands milling about NME's backpages circa '87. 

Not that you can pin the "shoegaze" tag to 'em, no.  Nor could you apply any of those other labels with any great authority, 'cuz while we can hear these fellas march in motorik lockstep through Neu's neon vistas, and we catch glimpses of the astral swirl also found in Hawkwind or Loop, this quartet seems to have grown into itself and out of its influences.  Beyond them; over them.  Or under them, maybe, diving sleepily 'tween legs and through foliage, moving snake-like in twisting subterranean revolutions.  They're only getting better.

And brighter?  "I actually thought that song was, well...  Not uplifting," says vocalist/guitarist Levon.  "But a little more positive" than their back catalog.  Perhaps ironically, "Dull Light" is one of the more colorful tunes on their upcoming album, Growing Over (Load Records), which Levon promises will be "rawer" than their previous releases.  It's due out on October 11.

Be sure to catch 'em on their upcoming U.S. tour.  Their show at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium on October 29 -- with the Men (Brooklyn), Unholy Two (Columbus) and Dead Farmers (Australia) -- promises to be a real burner.

19 - Minneapolis @ Northeast Vintage
20 - Milwaukee @ Ground Control
21 - Milwaukee @ Franks Power Plant
22 - Chicago @ Permanent Record Instore (5pm)
22 - Chicago @ the Burlington
23 - Kalamazoo or Lafayette (something between Chicago & Detroit)
24 - Detroit @ Lager House
25 - Columbus @ Cafe Bourbon st
26 - Cleveland @ Now Thats Class
27 - Buffalo
28 - Providence @ the Paragon
29 - NYC @ Shea Stadium
30 - NYC @ Death by Audio
31 - Allentown 
1 - Baltimore @ Golden West
2 - Chapel Hill @ Nightlight
3 - Charlotte @ Yauhaus
4 - Atlanta @ 529
5 - Memphis @ Poplar Lounge
6 - Drive
7 - Albuquerque 
8 - Phoenix
9 - LA
10 - San Francisco @ Hemlock Tavern
11 - Portland @ East End
12 - Seattle @ Rendezvous

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