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elliotharmon on 12/14/2012 at 05:00PM

#cc10 Europe Mixtape

In celebration of Creative Commons' tenth anniversary, members of CC's European affiliate network have put together an awesome mixtape of their 20 favorite Creative Commons–licensed songs by artists in 20 European countries.

This music runs the gamut from electronic to folk to classical, and yet, there's something cohesive about it all. The entire album rings with obsessively creative complexity; that is, it's the kind of thing you can imagine a bunch of CC affiliates listening to while having a heated discussion about license compatibility.

Most people reading this blog post are probably familiar with Creative Commons. If not, here's a refresher in Swedish. Creative Commons is committed to making it easier for creative people to share their work with each other. If you like what you hear, support the artists, and consider supporting CC too.

For more information, read this blog post by CC Portugal's Teresa Nobre about how the project came together.

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