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dyingforbadmusic on 12/20/2010 at 12:30AM

Dying For Bad Music - Best of 2010 - FMA and General Edition

So here is my final FMA Bestof2010 mix. FMA is a great ressource and it's always a pleasure to find some awesome music here. Often enough I've found an artist by listen to WFMU Radio. So WFMU is the first instance which preselect and give a starting point to dig deeper.

And if you don't mind, I invite you to listen to my general Top 20(10) list of the Dying For Bad Music blog. It's a good mixture of free music by independent artists and releases of more well known artists. This shows that quality is not depending on record deals and label contracts. So I hope you enjoy the mixtapes. Have a further reading on Dying For Bad Music (and discover much more free music)

I have to honour FMA as a well developed webapplication too. I like the userinterface and the handling. (Even if I have some points on my wishlist ;-)) Good work!



littlevoicez on 12/20/10 at 04:40PM
Downloaded right away! I love it, thanks :-)
katya-oddio on 12/20/10 at 06:25PM
Knew your mix would be fantastic! Here's to another year of great music and to the FMA! Glad you're here.
jason on 12/24/10 at 02:30PM
Motorama is here!

merry holidayz!

thanks for the tip on Motorama, and for this awesome mix (played the Dustdevil & Crow track offa this on my radio show yesterday), and for Dying For Bad Music year-round
dyingforbadmusic on 12/25/10 at 10:33PM
awesome, thank you jason!
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