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doncbruital on 06/11/2009 at 01:46AM

Select Notes on Forgetting Earthliness, or ‘Is It Okay to Slaughter (in the Name of the Heavens)?’

photo by Tobias Rochman

If, Rilke-like, earthliness forgets us, we meek humans content to stumble through our lives of relative inconsequence—worried about the safety of the artificial and fraudulent institutions we’ve created to structure and govern, or angry they’ve changed a popular website—we’re evidently getting pretty sick of wallowing in its neglect. We can’t really be blamed, I suppose, for bristling at the sheer wonder of the natural universe, for shying away from its contemplation, as yeah, it can make one feel pretty shabby by comparison. To wit, we humans have enacted, species-wide, an enviably persistent program of war and wastrelsy and defilement, ruining the planet and eventually, at least per the newer bombs in cool movies, catastrophically finishing off the galaxy/universe, usually relying in some wise or other on a thing called ‘dark matter.’ In this way, near as I can pin it down, we figure we can strike a reactionary blow against a universe that has the audacity to be simultaneously so impressive and yet so impassive, so replete with wonder and yet so uninterested in our petty whinery.

Thankfully, there have been some who’d not plead ignorance in matters cosmic, but who've actually been kind enough to stoke some of those fires of wonder through—yeah—artful worship and study: you know. Aristotle. Al-Bīrūnī. Kepler. And, in our present day, GRAND TRINE. True, they're a band, and, at least on the surface of it, one comprising three unassuming youths. But their output reveals otherwise--and indeed, though they all live together in Montreal above what appears to be some kind of bakery, I can't help but imagine them spending their days there breathing a heady mix of mangled oven fumage and heavy bacterial yeastswarms. It's the only way to reconcile the group's surroundings with the earth-defying music that wafts from within.

Grand Trine's recorded output traverses the cosmos on thick waves of guitar+effects undulation, while drums rumble away dead ahead, unmoved by your motion sickness, and all the while echo-laden vocals well up on all sides only to cut out, again and again--surely the effects of a comet shower on transmission circuitry or the like--assuring that the commands of earthbound humanity will not reach one's spacefaring ears unless through layers of interference. Oh, and they shred live.

Grand Trine's sold-out cassette FREE ALL PSYCHIC CENTERS is currently available for download over at Alien8 Recordings. Look for them on the next edition of Almost Ready Records' 'Lousy with Ideas' split 7" series, as well as their imminent 12" 45 RPM (!!!) record on Divorce in the fall.



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