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dmersonhess on 09/19/2016 at 12:13PM

Call for Submissions: "Music for a Haunted Party"

Cover art by Dave MH.

Send a creepy instrumental no longer than 120 seconds in aif or wav format, shared to for consideration for Reverse Engine's upcoming Halloween comp, "Music for a Haunted Party". It'll be a free, CC-licensed release intended to empower you to be your spookiest self, whilst enhancing humanity's collective enjoyment of this Halloween. Preferred genres: Instrumental hip-hop, creepy ambient, Space Age bachelor pad, doom surf...

Deadline Extended to September 1, 2018.

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dmersonhess on 04/08/2012 at 07:00AM

Sneaky Flute Moods: 28 bands, two netlabels and one fanzine write a global #ccmusic love-letter to the Swirlies

The Swirlies get a little ethereal in Edinburgh, 2011. Photo credit: Swirlies.

Excellent news! Contrary to all previous indications, Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to the Swirlies is NOT the "Last Dangerous Visions" of netaudio compilations. In fact, much like the hard-boiled eggs, delicious oblong chocolates and rapidly reproducing rabbits in your's already here. So read the book (a PDF zine published by the astoundingly creative folks at Mi Abuela Es Jazzista), see the movie (lo-fi animation from Dax Norman and me) and dive into the most massive, potent expression of Swirlies love ever assembled.

Your ole friend,
Dave MH
Reverse Engine netlabel

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Peter Sharp
on 01/02/2012 at 11:22PM
A wonderful 2012
on 08/02/2011 at 10:26PM
Keep up the awesome work, chum!
Peter Sharp
on 07/09/2011 at 01:49PM
thanks to be my friend