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Delfí Ramirez is a musician/composer, writer, programmer and enterpreneur.

MAPhil degree at the Universitat de Barcelona. Was Educated in Music and Harmonyat the Conservatori Superior de Barcelona.In the early 80's he coursed Biology at the Universitat de Barcelona.

His first approach in music, was in the mid eighties, being member/musician iin bands of avant-garde of the ephemeral scene nuwave of Barcelona, so collaborating with musicians like Hugo de Campos or Xavier Bergman.

"From 1987 until 1997 he presided over Fist Bar!. Over those years he has programmed and endless number of activities which transformed FistBar! into one of the most important reference for establishing alternative cultural trends in Barcelona, promoting decidedly avant-garde aesthetic on a visual and musical level."

"He has a twenty year history career as musician and DJ, showing great eclecticism making space for diverse trends in electronic and contemporary music."

In 1997 he was choosed asone of the topten DJ of the year by the Magazine RockdeLux. This same year moves the residence of FistBar! from its original place to Zeleste 4 in Barcelona (actually RexRoom/Razz) for 3 years, continuing its activity as organizer, DJ and promoter he had in FistBar!.In 1999, alongside with Pere Espinosa, they carried on Sur de Zeleste (present The Loft) until the year 2000.

From 1995 he has done several projects and appearances in solitaire as DJ or composer, including Sónar Festival 1995, Fusionica 01 or Hangar production center 1998's inauguration, amongst others.

 He studies computer design and digital cinema at Futura Barcelona - La Salle in the late 1990s.

Then, in 2001 he co-founds Segonquart Studio, a new media collective he leads. 

Since 1996 he has collaborated with artists such as MIT engineer Zack Liebermann, painter Magdalena Esteve, visual artist Javier Peñafiel, photographers Jordi Bernadó or Roger Grasas, architect Jose Maria Baquero, film director Isaac Racine, or the novelist Josep Roca.As a writer he writes scripts for broadcast companies, and essays for cultural magazines.

In 1997 he act as co-editor for Big Stain,a cultural magazine. He has published some poetry, essays, and scripts.In September of 1997 he introduced -as a premiere in Spain- Kenneth Anger' complete works , a one-night-play for 2000 people with his live 4 hour Djset re-creating the original soundtracks in Sala Apolo, Barcelona.

This live performance, as others mentioned above , has been recorded for Film/Video, and it remains lost somewhere in Berlin (Germany).

 In 2000, he curated the first ever exhibition of sound & art, at the Mercat de les Flors, BCN, July of that year.

In 2003 he scored, played and produced the 57min Soundtrack "Welcome Utopia" a CD companion to the multimedia exhibition by photograph/architect/professor Jordi Bernadó at the Fundacio La Caixa, BCN, from February to April that year.In 2004 hescorescore and record a 20min piece for electronics, violin and orchestra for the sound track film ' Capsula 7', companion to the multimedia art exhibition "L'Explosió de la Ciutat", an exhibition/ installation directed by Mr. Jordi Bernadó, shown in the COAC during the Forum de les Cultures 2004 from May to September that year. This and other sound installations from the period 2002-4 has been exhibited in Italy, Portugal, Japan, UK or Spain.Previously, in 1999 he collaborates with MarkthallerGraph as a assistant engineer for the Expo2000 ( Frankfurt, DE ).

In 2000 he composes the soundtrack for Falk Richter's 'God is a DJ', a theater play performed at Abaixadors Deu and Nau Ivanow.

From 2003 writes the score and produces the main theme song for the Annual White AGBAR' cd-rom (Aigües of Barcelona) head of great holding constituted by more than 230 companies and 140 years of history that operates in all the scopes related to the services the colectivity: integral cycle of the water, health, inspection and certification, among others.

In 2005, Delfí writes the score, plays and produces the BSO documentary film (Switch OFF: Apaga y Vamonos) Dolby 35m 80min, awarded film present in competition in 150 festivals worldwide. Exhibited in cinemas in United States, Europe and South America. For that reason he has been finalist in the annual awards' Premis de Cine Ciutat de Barcelona 2006' as a composer.

In 2006 is responsible of the sound design and main title sequences for"Deixa'm in Pau", a documentary film on Pau Riba. His most recent releases are intended to be published in online.

In 2010 he plays, afetr twelve years live, at a unique performance named Dream Rabbit,  , see the vidd

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delfin on 12/16/2010 at 03:56AM

Version Gratuite. Oeuvres choisies. 1994 -2010.

Version Gratuite by DR (Delfi Ramirez)

"Version Gratuïte" is a compilation of music and unreleased songs by composer DR. Collected demos and outtakes, released between the years 1994 and 2010. Although the production quality issues do not achieve the result of previous work, allows us to discover aspects of the work of DR in the field of electroacoustic composition, contemporary dance music or french avantgarde from the XXst century. A compilation of 21 themes presented in an eclextic way randomly, without a specific timeline of creation. These works open new fields into his future works.

Is it available as free download here

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