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deadbees on 04/04/2011 at 12:46PM

Why are we putting out Dead Bees records label samplers?

Dead Bees #10 - aka DIX - first release candidate

Kill The Record Industry,

Save the Music.

Dead Bees records give special care into releasing periodic compilations – “Dead Bees records label samplers” - as milestones of the extended Dead Bees family ongoing work. These samplers are made available as physical CD-R, but also as free digital releases, under the terms of Creative Commons licenses.
It is our deepest belief that music must remain free and these releases are a gift from the artists to their audience.
This music is meant to be shared, so please spread those records. Make copies of them, and give them away.
We will also post it onto various websites, soon-to-be-sued file sharing portals, and onto non-profit free music, such as or

The making of these compilations, with the aim to share them for free, appears to be more meaningful now than ever. When the old established music industry is desperately trying to prevent its empire from collapsing, blaming the wrong people for its decline, releasing free music is more than a friendly giveaway, it's a deliberate ethical move. Here's our choice: we either let the masses consider music as any industrial goods, or we try to remember there is more in art & music and see beyond copyrights and profit. Music is about sharing feelings, emotions, decibels. And this should remain priceless. Does this mean music makers should not fulfill their piggybanks ? Of course not, it's time we all create a new economical system working rather for the best interest of musicians than for industrial holdings'.

Originally due on 10/10/10, our tenth sampler got a bit delayed. We are sorry about that. This new compilation tracks were gathered last summer for an early batch, and some others were recently added over the past weeks. This very long process got us more tracks than we could include on a single CD, so we had to put some of them aside. This means we already have material ready for sampler #11!

Dead Bees #10 new track providers include: FEDERALE (Collin Hegna, from THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, Portland, Or), THE RUSTY BELLS (Toulouse, Fr), OSTRICH TUNING (Toronto, On), PETE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Peter Holmström from THE DANDY WARHOLS, Portland, Or), THE COBBLESTONES (Paris, Fr), GEORGE (Paris, Fr), TREASURE MAPS (New York, NY), THE DEAD MANTRA (Le Mans, Fr).

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