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daveyrockwell on 05/14/2011 at 08:46AM

Lookin for some feedback on debut

I recorded this music (at the link below) in 2010 from melodies and ideas that had been fermenting in my head for years.  I needed to release the album by 2011 to feel like I had accomplished something while there's still time.  Although, it's rather crude, for me, i's nice to have record of where I have come from.  What do you think of it?  Does it make you want to play or is it simply a musician at work?  Please be the judge.  If anyone is interested in sharing these recordings, please do.  (Contact me if you'd like to talk business.)

The specifics: I used an old keyboard and a four-track recorder.  I recorded loud in order for the base to ring true and the keyoboard to carry a fuzz.  As a result of the loudness in these songs, I don't reccomend listening with headphones as you could hurt your ears playing it at the appropriate volume.  Use a speaker system that bumps base so loud you can feel it to truly hear this music.  In the end, its really up to you. I recorded the whole thing using headphones and I only have a slight ringing in my left ear now. Only that and nothing more.


Click here to listen: http://triangularconception.bandcamp.com/

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