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Many ears and hands get dirty in CKUT's Music Department listening to sounds. We oversee all of CKUT's music programming and music submissions as well as being part of the station's management. 

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ckutmusic on 03/05/2015 at 07:38PM

Myriam Gendron Live on New Shit

Making her recording debut with the words of Dorothy Parker set to acoustic guitar, Myriam Gendron explores the depths of what can be done with strings and voice. It is honest and disarming, varying between light-hearted strums and melancholic folk influences that mirror the bittersweet wit of Parker's own works. Gendron falls squarely into a tradition of earnest folk songwriters: her music is unassuming yet heartfelt, possessing a quiet beauty that reveals itself to listeners over repeated plays. We have the feeling Parker would be just as satisfied with Gendron's work as we are. 

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ckutmusic on 02/12/2015 at 03:18PM

Joshua Zubot & Luke Loseth on If You Got Ears

Josh Zubot is Montreal's man-about-town for violin. Playing everything from free jazz to bluegrass, you can find his name in the credits of countless local projects: Subtle Lip Can, Ensemble Supermusique, Land of Kush, and the list goes on... 

But now, Mr. Zubot is giving the violin a different spin. Enter Luke Loseth: the multi-instrumentalist behind Holobody and all-around electronics wizard gave Zubot's violin the special treatment with a healthy dose of live processing. The two musicians had never met before, and in true experimental fashion were put in a room and given the sole instruction of "make something." The resulting piece finds the traditional instrument being taken in a wholly different direction, with layers of effects bending its pitch and timbre into a finale of noisy cacaphony. 

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