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My true passion is music, its hard to put it into words but it takes me on a journey of the senses. If you want to feel a certain way it can really inject emotion and energy into your body and soul. I love all styles, but if I had to narrow it down I would say electronic music, deep, tribal drums. But I also love Jeff Buckley and am partial to rocking out. I dj and have a large vinyl collection and produce on the side, I find being creative with music is really enjoyable. My other hobbies are sports and fitness - i run regularly and train at the gym. I’m also a massive geek, I love electronics, whether that be music related or just gadgets in general. I run a business called that sells internet streaming boxes. The boxes are smart TV boxes, which in my eyes is the future as it turns your television into a PC. It means I can listen to the music I have produced through my TV and send audio to my friends really easily. When i’m not working i’d like to go to more gigs and socialise with like minded music fans, swapping music and sharing ideas.

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on 10/07/2015 at 04:23PM
Hi! some of the songs here are licensed for remix/reuse, you can find out more here: