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cheyenne_h on 11/08/2018 at 12:38PM

Update: Closing Date Pushed to Nov 16

Due to traffic, the site's been up and down today. Please DO NOT try to scrape the site, friends! We will keep all the music available here until it is available at, where you can continue to explore the collection, download (even different audio formats!) and mark stuff as 'favorites'! 

Thanks for all the love and support you've given thus far. Donations help in the short term. We are in talks with a couple of orgs who might be able to help us out. Watch this space for details.

If you have skills to offer, are part of an interested organization who wants to help FMA, or have other feedback, please use our form in the post below. 



DAN-ONE on 11/09/18 at 03:55PM
I'm very sorry for what's going on. Personally I have always found solutions for making short films for school use. I hope everything resolves soon. A question: when you talk about organization that can help you, what do you mean? Thank you for all. You will be able to resolve yourself stronger than before. Nico
gentil on 11/13/18 at 05:16AM
Hey Cheyenne
So sorry to hear that this website will probably close down, but very happy to know that the collection will live on at the Internet Archive.
Thank you for all your efforts working on such a beautiful project. I have been very happy to contribute songs here, and have been delighted to find great music by others over the last few years navigating the collection.
Take care and all the best for what's next!
DinuraCreations on 11/13/18 at 08:41AM
FMA is the best project for Music I've ever found on the Internet. I'am really grateful to you what I've been enjoying for. You'll be remembered forever!
Thank you.
My best wishes for you all guys.. ♥♥
Strongme on 11/14/18 at 09:31AM
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I'm so sorry to hear that.Just now I found this incredible site and downloaded some musics.Sigh...

Thank you !
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