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cheyenne_h on 12/21/2015 at 07:02AM

Needle Drop Co. Highlights of 2015

Rather than "Top [insert number] Best Albums of 2015" we've decided to take a different angle! A few of our most active curators and community members have been asked to compile some noteworthy tracks from the past year. Rather than ranking them or adding unnecessary 'clout' to specific albums, artists, or songs, we're sharing these in no particular order. You can decide which ones you like best! 

This is the second of an ongoing series. Look for more lists as 2016 draws closer.

Now, a bit about this mix, and who made it:

Needle Drop Co. is a new curator to FMA, but was co-founded by the artist known as Podington Bear, a longtime FMA user and contributor. Their music is licensed for use in noncommercial video and broadcasts (with CC BY NC licenses), and they do a good job of giving clear contact information and offering licenses for those who wish to use their work. This playlist highlights some of Needle Drop's favorite tracks from their 2015 contributions.

Here are 15 smooth and shiny tracks from Needle Drop Co. Listen or download in our handy sidebar player to the right, or see the playlist page for more.



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