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cheyenne_h on 03/20/2017 at 11:57AM

FMA Q&A: Public Domain Wonders from Monplaisir

Monplaisir: A one-man public domain music machine. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Monplaisir is a man of many bands, and if you've ever cruised through the Public Domain offerings at FMA, you're likely to have encountered a project or two of his! He is devoted to sharing his music as openly as possible with a CC0 license, which allows for any type of re-use, and is internationally recognized as being dedicated to the public domain. Of course, it doesn't hurt to give credit when you use a Public Domain track, but there are no limitations to what you can use this music for. You can find some "Best Of" tracks in this collection: "Let's Hear That Crap!

FMA: Tell me about your music projects on the FMA - you have a few. (Monplaisir, Alpha Hydrae, Komiku, etc). Do they each represent a different style or approach to music?

Monplaisir: I've started producing music under the name of Alpha Hydrae and after few years the name became boring so I've changed to Monplaisir. Monplaisir is like my nickname for everything that fit in noise rock/folk, Komiku is dedicated for the soundtrack of videogames that don't exist which can have some similarities with work under the Monplaisir nickname, Demoiselle Döner is for harshnoise/remix/cold electro, BG du 72 is french noisy songs about love and kindness. With this, I've some bands, SUMMER, frontwave/noise rock, Cuicuitte, a brut folk band with my friend Otite Noire, Pas Dans Le Cul Aujourd'hui, a heavy noise & guitar band, U-Man, improvised french songs... All those names are different ways to approach the music and reach the flow.

FMA: Do you collaborate with others or do you prefer to make music alone?

Monplaisir: I love to collaborate with musicians and to do music alone. Doing music alone is really cool to make fast and precise music, but sometimes it's difficult to make new music because of the lack of chaos and influence. I often collaborate with musicians to do improvisation like in U-Man and Pas Dans Le Cul Aujourd'hui, it's sometimes a pain but really surprising and rewarding.

FMA: Where do you get ideas for songs and albums?

Most of the time I get my ideas by trying to do the same kind of music as other bands I listen often (like Cindy Lee, Vampillia, Xinlisupreme, Natural Snow Buildings...). Also I love to have challenges, like, to produce a maximum of music in a short time (Baisers de Sonora was recorded in 26 hours for the FAWM2017), to only use one instrument or two, or like for my project Komiku to create a soundtrack for something that doesn't exist. And when I'm stuck, I look for new guitars and effect pedals.

FMA: Why do you choose to license your work with a CC0/Public Domain license?

Monplaisir: I've chosen the CC0 licence for multiple reasons. First, because I hate the copyright logo, a little C alone in a bubble, so sad. Second, for obvious political choices. I find the actual copyright in France and USA completely absurd. It's based in a philosophy I really don't like, an old individualist way of seeing the culture, which is really sad and greedy. So I want to participate to the alternative. I've seen how it's hard for some people to remix stuff for their own project because of copyright. If I can help to save other artists some time and money to express themselves, all the better. Also, I really don't care about what people do with my music, except when people are oppresive against other people and using my music to do so. I find that a bit rude.


FMA: Why did you want to share your music on the Free Music Archive? 

Monplaisir: Before using FMA, I've used a lot of platforms to share my music. First, Jamendo, was a bad experience: don't try this at home, kids. Few listens, no remix, no nothing (except the awesome community of musicians on the forum). After that, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Fandalism, and finally FMA. No others have the possibility to put music under CC0. I've only recently discovered the FMA and fell in love with the design immediately (I love the sweet colors for genres). I decided to contact you after seeing that your website was easy to use and kinda cool, haha.

FMA: How does the FMA compare to other music platforms? 

 FMA is full of really good things that might be improved, but I don't know if it's necessary. It's not the most user-friendly website to upload on, but it's not hard and it's still the best website for free music to use, as a listener and as a musician.

FMA: Have you 'followed' any of your songs to see where they've ended up, or have people contacted you to let you know that your song has been used in a project? 

 Oh yeah, I do this a lot, hahaha. I've some really cool remixes right here : 

-My friend Sylvain Dementi is still using my music has an opening and ending for his show  
-A WTF meta videogame called ULTRA ADHD, really fun to play  
-An audio recording of a short story, "I Live In An Old Hotel And Found Something I Shouldn't Have"  
-A video about the Women’s March on January 22 2016 in super slow motion  
-An experimental short movie, "The Sad and the Hungry
-A guy changing skateboard wheels  
-A hairstyle tutorial 
-A Santa Muerte altar 
-Sweet poetry, "1 Disconnect
-Some chickens vs a hornworm 
-Accessibility for folks with disabilities 

FMA: Anything else you'd like to add? 

 Thanks FMA, for everything!



sadlad15 on 04/11/17 at 03:14PM
Hi Monplaisir
I am looking for a database of music dating back decades, to put on an app i have had built,it is for people with dementia and their families and carers, was just wondering if you could possibly help me out, point me in the right direction maybe, or even supply me with a database.
look forward to your reply
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