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cheyenne_h on 12/30/2015 at 11:20AM

Decoder Magazine: 2015 Highlights Mix

Rather than "Top [insert number] Best Albums of 2015" we've decided to take a different angle. Rather than ranking tracks or adding unnecessary 'clout' to specific albums, artists, or songs, we're sharing these in no particular order. You can decide which ones you like best! 

This is the fifth (and second-to-last) of an ongoing series.

Now, a bit about this mix, and who made it:

This playlist was created by one of our esteemed curators, Decoder Magazine. They have been tirelessly uploading and sharing music from their growing collection all year, and we are the richer for it! It is a small sampler of what Decoder uploaded in 2015 -- featuring a particularly heavy dose of ambient and experimental tracks from the wonderful Power Moves catalog (affiliated with Decoder), as well as beats, vaporwave, and more.

Decoder (which describes itself on twitter as "music from under a rock") and Power Moves (whose tagline is "true bedroom recordings with delusions of grandeur") aren't exactly new to the Creative Commons scene, but their contributions to the FMA, including PC Noise x Pedicure Records Vol 1 and Music of the Now Age, were welcome distractions from reality!

So, here it is: the Decoder highlights selection from 2015! Listen or download in our handy sidebar player to the right, or see the playlist page for more.



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