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cheyenne_h on 03/02/2016 at 03:27PM

Curator Highlight: Black Planet Records

Black Planet Records is a Serbian independent alternative DIY (do it yourself) label and FMA curator whose aim is to promote diverse music and forward-thinking artists from Serbia and the Balkans, especially their hometown Niš. The label was formed by Serbian industrial pioneers Figurative Theatre and Crocodile Tears. In their own words:

”We had plenty of our own music, and a lot of interesting people around us who have made interesting music, so we wanted to archive it all in one place. FMA seemed like a great place because it skipped all the mediators. We also have all the releases in higher quality on our bandcamp page ( We decided that music we release music should be free (under CC licence) as a karmic debt payoff. :)

Our releases gained praises from underground music critics from regional music sites, webzines and Black Planet attracted some of the most eminent alternative artists from the area (Borghesia, Nikola Vranjkovi?, Mizar, Goribor etc.) – even though it is a non-profit organization. We also record video and radio shows, organize concerts, book DJ nights, and produce other cultural events in our hometown.

Each of us has done a lot of research in music and always encountered something really good that was from our area. After a few of our own releases, we came up with the idea that it was time for a compilation that would be a cross section of the music and vibe that we represent and that represents the environment that we live in - and so it was.


We made 3 “Balkan Under The Radar” yearly compilations (here are volumes 1, 2, and 3), aimed at discovering interesting names mainly from Serbia, but also from other countries from ex – Yugoslavia with, of course, our residents and friends. We wanted to expand our little family. The most important thing is that we have shown that there are many talented people in this area, with completely different views of the world. Another objective was to reconcile two alternative currents that are often split - bands and electronic musicians because we think that same thinking people should work together and music should have no boundaries, especially the alternative. We have a brotherly collaboration with a cult Croatian label Listen Loudest! where you can get most of our physical releases if you like to hold music you like in your hands.

From all of this, beautiful friendships and collaborations were born, and an admirable spirit of good people for whom this is a passion. We just love music, freedom and mutual respect, kind of like 80’s hardcore but in modern times over the Internet.”

The label has been releasing music from all kinds of genres - alternative, electronic, post-rock, glitch, trip/hip hop, ambient, noise, industrial etc. Enjoy the sampler and spread the word if you like what BPR does.

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