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cheyenne_h on 12/14/2018 at 03:22PM

A Fond Farewell & A Warm Welcome

Well, today's my last day at the Free Music Archive as Director, and I've been dreading this day for awhile, because I'm really going to miss being here all day, everyday, helping our users, musicians, curators and community members get what they need, running the social media feeds, keeping things organized, and having my mind blown every day by unexpected, wonderful music.

I am extremely happy that the Free Music Archive is in good hands and the new team is already getting their bearings, and I just had a great talk with Danny at KitSplit, who will be the new Director of the FMA. You'll be able to reach him using the FMA contact form and our general contact email address for now. Go to his profile page and say hi! 

Though I'm leaving the organization as Director, I'll still be involved as a volunteer and will be able to forward questions or concerns to the right people on the new team. 

Deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to KitSplit for making sure the Free Music Archive will have a home moving forward. I dearly hope that they are able to give it some of the technical TLC we weren't, and I'm confident that the FMA will continue to grow and thrive with their stewardship.

So long for now!

Til next time,

Komiku - "Outro" (01:22)
Komiku - "Outro" (01:22)


junior85 on 12/14/18 at 08:46PM
Thanks for everything, Cheyenne!
Sandsofa Studios on 12/15/18 at 07:14AM
Thank you for all!
The best for the future and stay healty!
brett_w_thompson on 12/15/18 at 07:39AM
Thanks for all that you've done for FMA!
Murmure_Intemporel on 12/15/18 at 08:35AM
Thank you for your great support and work!
Kind regards from France :)
yanterrien on 12/15/18 at 12:14PM
Merci Cheyenne. La chaleur de ta communication généreuse a su passer par les ondes de la toile. Ce fut fort agréable et j'espère que ça le restera.
José Filadelfo on 12/16/18 at 03:58AM
Sad, but good luck, Cheyenne.
José Filadelfo on 12/16/18 at 04:48AM
Sad, but good luck, Cheyenne.
blocsonic on 12/16/18 at 11:54PM
Good luck Cheyenne. Sad to see you go. I sure hope KitSplit's intentions are good. I hope they didn't buy FMA simply to profit from community content.
Monplaisir on 12/17/18 at 07:58AM
Thanks for everything, that was a really good adventure with you as a director !!
Good luck for the next and see you at the volunteers ! =)
Mist Spectra Humanfobia on 12/17/18 at 03:11PM
many thanks for everything! a big hug! *-*
DannyKS on 12/17/18 at 03:24PM
Thank you Cheyenne! I'm excited to get started!
José Filadelfo on 12/18/18 at 12:00AM
Sad, but good luck, Cheyenne.
crackfox on 01/04/19 at 07:47PM
Here's to new adventures! We hope the fantastic creation you championed continues to grow and succeed!
meghanasingh on 01/18/19 at 12:53PM
very sad
Lemon Yellow Hayes on 01/28/19 at 02:22PM
Cheyenne, you'll be sorely missed as this KitSplit takeover has turned out to be a very large disappointment.
blocsonic on 01/29/19 at 12:45AM
So, ads are coming to the site. There's that. Cheyenne, we miss you and WFMU.
Suplimente on 02/27/19 at 10:10AM
This is awesome!
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