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Hey! My name is Charlotte and I am a fan of writing. I have been a freelance or corporate writer for the past 5 years. I've written, edited and proofread everything from magazine columns and novels to simple one line web ads. My dream is to inspire and help others through my writing and one day to hopefully write and be successful with it enough to do it for a living rather than just a hobby. My head is full of characters and ideas, as the normal writer mind.


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charlottemason on 04/26/2019 at 12:51PM

Reaching the Highest Academic Standards PhD

This article is primarily intended for those students who want to become business administrators and who require MBA essay help. Overall, in order to writer such a paper, a person must have extensive expertise in various areas of study, for example, HR management, marketing, supply chain optimization, product development, game theory, and so forth.

If you believe that MBA essay writing help can be provided only by the most experienced writers and editors, you can ask our custom writing service for assistance. We can help you with such tasks as:

  • Research design;
  • Putting together a list of sources that are related to the topic you want to discuss; 
  • Writing an annotated bibliography for your paper; 
  • Editing and proofreading your draft;

Our writers and editors have already offered assistance to many students, majoring in business administration, and we have always been able to meet and surpass their expectations. They can confirm that our MBA essay help can be relied upon.

Apart from that, we can assist you with some other assignments as well, for example, business reports, research proposals, articles, and even theses. Each of our clients can ask for free and unlimited revisions provided that the paper is not written with the initial instructions.

If you decide to place an order with our company, we will be glad to give you MBA essay help. By choosing our custom writing service, you will ensure your paper earns you only an excellent grade.  Those customers, who work with us on a regular basis, can confirm that we do offer the best price-quality ratio. This is the main reason why so many people choose us among others.

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charlottemason on 04/26/2019 at 12:45PM

Article Writing the Fast Way

When you are building a site, especially if it is either new or you are retooling your site, you need content as fast as you can get it and it must be the best quality for your money. Of course, if you are a native English speaker you can try writing yourself, but that does not guarantee that it will be good writing, though it may be perfect English. Even so, your time is best spent managing the site than producing the content for the site. So article writing is your best option.

 Trial period

Article writing services give you a constant flow of content without you lifting a finger. The quality of that content must be established within the trial period of the first couple of weeks with the new service. If the servicing company cannot provide the level of writing necessary for your audience, then you must move on to another company. That is just how it is. You do not need to apologize to the company for ending your business relationship during the trial period. That is what the trial period is for.

 Hire article writing company for research and content production

You can also get research done in whatever area you need, even if you know nothing about that field. This is a huge bonus to your business schedule. You can drive the business to make money while the custom essay writing is doing the menial labor of research and pumping out content.

These two advantages are significant enough to seriously consider adding article writing to your hired business services. It is the fastest way to grow the content on your site, while freeing you to tend to the most important business of your site, planning and managing. Article writing must be approached as a critical core service, not merely auxiliary to your business operations.

 Write an Article in 10 Minutes

It seems impossible that you could write an article in 10 minutes, but it is completely possible. Not only is it possible, but it is recommended in order to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your bleeding fingertips. You can write an article in 10 minutes if you follow this advice and practice, of course.

 1. Keep a list of ideas throughout the week that you want to write about

If you want to write an article in 10 minutes, you will have to reduce the amount of preparation for writing, as much as is possible. That means keeping ideas handy so your 10 minutes are spent actually writing, not thinking.

2. Write, Don't Think!

When you start writing you will likely think of other ideas or topics to talk about, but resist the temptation. Stay on topic. Keep it narrow. Do not deviate from the main topic at all. Finish saying just what needs to be said about this idea and have it done with.

 3. Put your points into a bulleted or numbered list

Readers love lists. Lists are much easier on the brain and eyes than a heavily ladened paragraph of words. This list will give you a guide for your writing, so you can take your writing of one point toward the next.

 4. Practice Makes Perfect!

If you do not practice you will never achieve this astounding goal of writing articles in 10 minutes. It will always remain only an idea, a hope, or a dream. Writing articles is not a simple skill, but doing it quickly can drive you to produce better quality. So you not only save time, but you obtain better content. We all know that better content means more dedicated traffic and higher conversions.

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