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bseretan on 01/24/2013 at 07:04AM

Digi G'Alessio: Cirque de Poche

Don't let the album art fool you - this collection of stank nasty beats is not family friendly. And it has barely anything at all to do with the circus.

Snaps and cowbells, pitched-down vocal samples, swampy bass, even Hot97 style air horns - yup, this sounds like some nice, nice trap. But with Cirque's twists and turns, it's kind of hard to imagine anyone actually dropping rhymes over these snare cracks. Plus there are those sections that sound more like 90s techno. And those moments of totally dry silence interspersed. Oh well, might as well just let your head nod. Let's hope Drake and Digi never meet up.

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bseretan on 01/17/2013 at 08:15AM

A Magnificent Band of Men Without Fear - A Band Magnifique dos Homes sen Medo

The Magnificent Men in question

Courtesy of Italian blogger and FMA contributer NetMusicLife, a fun band of 9 dudes wearing matching plaid jackets who speak Portugese. A Band Magnifique dos Homes sen Medo lands somewhere between a Buddy Rich style big band, the Skatelites, and a New Orleans wake with their brazzy, jazzy melodies and occasional shout choruses. While saxophones blare, a tuba holds down the basslines and two drummers carry around their own halves of the drumset. Surely Galicia's finest.

Plus, here's a great video of them marching through a mall/fish market - watch how the guitarist drags his amp around!

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