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Compositions: for classical and acoustic guitar, acoustic  12 strings guitar, electric guitar. Contemporary classical music for small and large ensemble, improvised music. With the group Oprachina, published two albums, the first "The Jazz Farm" Licensed under Creative Common on the Luxembourgish portal Jamendo, was hailed at the 2009 Cannes Midem. The second: "Opra China" published by the British label Slam. Two tracks on the debut album "The Jazz Farm": "Attimi" and "Torti", were chosen for the soundtrack of the movie: "Mountains That Take WingAngela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama"  by filmmaker Crystal A. Griffith, Helen T. QuanAnother Track chosen for the trailer: Huong cua Djem / A SCENT OF MIDNIGHT directors Vietnamese: Nguyen Huu Tuan & Do Quoc Trung. U.S. production: June Entertainment. The track "Fat Fast" performed by "Oprachina" was awarded at Midem in Cannes in 2009.

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Anthony Pateras, Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone, Cantonement Jazz Band, Bob James Trio, Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano & Okkyung Lee, Roscoe Mitchell, Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock, & Tom Rainey, Christian Wolff, Thumbscrew, Burkhard Beins, Michael Renkel, and Derek Shirley, Mary Halvorson Trio, Assif Tsahar, Peter Kowald & Rashied Ali, Bun-Ching Lam, Marcello Magliocchi, Marco Malasomma and Chris Silver T, Henry Grimes, Elliott Sharp, Various Artists [Clinical Archives], UP Paolo Pavan Pasqualino Ubaldini, Marina Rosenfeld, Steve Beresford, Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson, Andrew Howes, Tom Carter, Volcano the Bear, Bob Ostertag with Fred Frith, Charles K. Noyes and Bryan Medwed, Michel Doneda & Taavi Kerikmäe, Beat Culture, Alessandro Bosetti, The Necks, Leticia Castaneda, Brandon Ross, Somewhere Off Jazz Street, Lorenzo's Music, Henry Threadgill, Ned Rothenberg, Giustino Di Gregorio, Okkyung Lee, Jessica Pavone, Tsahar, Assif, Olivia Block, Oliver Lake with the Creative Arts Orchestra, Ada Rave Cuarteto, Rhys Chatham, Tower Recordings, Phill Niblock, Gilad Atzmon, Vanessa Rossetto, Pink Martini, Roman Stolyar & Ed Sarath, Andrew Cyrille & Richard Teitelbaum, Mary Halvorson, Tim Berne, Music Manumit Podcast, Zeena Parkins & Jon Rose, John Butcher, Liz Allbee, Naked City, Classwar Karaoke, Mary Halvorson and Joe McPhee, Joëlle Léandre, Pauline Oliveros, Albert Beger, Oprachina, Annea Lockwood, Club Foot Orchestra, Susan Alcorn, Evan Parker and konstruKt, La Desunion, Anthony Braxton, Marty Ehrlich, Jared C. Balogh, Nicolas Chientaroli Trio, Alessandra Celletti & Jaan Patterson, Kosta T, Nashaz, Regina Carter

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