I was trained as a painter, videographer and video editor. I am continually fascinated with the challenge of production and as a result Sound and Vision was born. 

I find talent wherever I go. The entire Boston area, Cambridge and Somerville are all great sources for talented musicians playing all kinds of music in all types of clubs, and even in the subway or on a sidewalk somewhere. 

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bethredmondwalshgmailcom on 04/05/2018 at 02:18AM

Sound and Vision New comedy series 'Svetlana Speaks!'

'Svetlana Speaks!' is a comedy series currently in its 6th episode. How did this get started? Cher Kore had written scripts featuring two different characters and asked me to shoot it.  I liked this production as number one there would be the lighting and camera placement challenges as it would be shot at Cher's apartment. After discussing the script in detail I  realized I would be directing as well.  The second reason was that Cher wrote the script for two characters both of whom she would be playing, a whole new type of experience in shooting for me. Noise was going to be another issue with the location set right on Commonwealth Ave in Allston with trains rumbling by, plus lots of sirens and car horns. I also had to figure out how to make it all work in post since I would be editing it.  

Since December of 2017 we've shot 6 episodes and so we've gained a better sense of how to improve a lot of stuff from scripting, lighting, and characterizations of the two characters Cher plays. With episode VI, we'll have a new character who will be played by a different actor. Just getting this off the ground right now and we're getting plenty of new ideas to work with. We figure it can go in some interesting directions. 


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Working on soundtrack for short film Thomas and Edward
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I make video and love for audio.