bennozoid (Member)


Producer - Qatari Film Fund (QFF) - Doha Film Institute.Ben won a 'BBC Funny Hunt' Award in 2006 for co-writing and directing the sitcom pilot "Hooray for Holloway!" In the same year he also co-produced, and served as Director of Photography, on multi-award-winning Short Horror Film "Night of the Hell Hamsters".His Neo-Giallo-Comedy Shorts "Slash Hive" (2007) and "Neon Killer" (2008) were both official selections at Film4Frightfest in the UK.In 2012, Ben co-produced "Yellow" for Ryan Haysom, and "The Halloween Kid" for Axelle Carolyn, both of which were selected for Sitges Fantasy and Horror Festival. In the same year, Ben wrote and directed "Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix", the world's first Arabic-language Sci-Fi Comedy Musical.Since joining Doha Film Institute (DFI) in 2010, Ben has produced dozens of short films by aspiring filmmakers, and helped build the training & development program at DFI.