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badpandarecords on 06/20/2015 at 07:22AM

Plastic Flowers "Lucy"

Dream Pop duo Plastic Flowers unleash their new EP, "Summer of 1992" which was recorded at their home studio in London. The video of "Lucy" was directed by Pedro D. Takahashi and follows the steps of a young man whose life is in pieces and Lucy(?) still haunts his dreams. 

The EP is now available on Bandcamp.

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badpandarecords on 02/07/2013 at 03:44AM

Dumbo Gets Mad Releases "Quantum Leap"

Dumbo Gets Mad’s track "Radical Leap" is a lazy psychedelic dream of crunchy guitars, a bouncing bass line, and a butterfly stroke in the roughest river off to the tallest waterfall. Radical Leap makes me feel okay with the coming frigid winter, it makes me feel okay with change, to fly off the tallest waterfall to a totally new place. Get lost in it.

You can now stream their full length album "Quantum Leap" for free on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. While you're listening, check out the album's writeups in Impose and Art Wedndesday, and purchase the CD/Vinyl from Bad Panda.

Dumbo Gets Mad at: Free Music Archive | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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badpandarecords on 01/01/2013 at 07:00AM

It’s Lonely Around People, Too

Leeds ambient-electronic producer Stuart Thomas is the man behind Mountain Range and “It’s Lonely Around People, Too” is his new instrumental single. Fans of Sigur Ros, Four Tet, Eluvium, The Album Leaf, Baths, welcome home.

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badpandarecords on 12/04/2012 at 07:44AM

Indian Wells: Night Loops EP

Night Loops is the remix EP of Indian Wells‘ debut album, Night Drops.

It includes remixes by Moodgadget-artist Kyson, Gilles Peterson’s favorite and Red Bull Music Academy alumni Ta-kuKelle from Night Tracks, the hypnotist Heathered Pearls from Moodgadget/Ghostly/iso50 and LIFE & LIMB (new moniker for Morr Music-based Populous + Short Stories).

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badpandarecords on 11/12/2012 at 12:45PM

Plastic Flowers, "In You I'm Lost"

Two months after releasing "Empty Eyes," Plastic Flowers return with a new song and video of a take-away show filmed by Senselens.

"In You I'm Lost" builds a dark environment of lo-fi guitars and drum machine, combining hazy vocals with pop elements. In the end you realize that love has always been there but still you are lost between the words.

Bandcamp | Free Music Archive | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud                                                    

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badpandarecords on 10/23/2012 at 11:00AM

Oskar Schuster: Sneeuwland

Oskar Schuster is a young composer located in Berlin, Germany. His songs without words evocate a fairytale-world, strange and surreal. Oskar’s soft, elegantly structured compositions evoke certain similarities with such artists as Yann Tiersen and Detektivbyrån, yet evolve into his own captivating soundscapes.

[website] [soundcloud] [facebook] [twitter]

Download "Sneeuwland" below and check out the Bad Panda Records interview after the jump.


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berlin, piano
badpandarecords on 09/24/2012 at 11:00AM

Everlone – Verletzte EP

Bad Panda Reords has recently released a debut EP from London-based producer/musician Everlone. Samples rise and pulse to distorted beats, as haunting fractured vocals carry you.  Atmosphere is key in these tracks, and nothing in the sound takes you away from the songs.

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badpandarecords on 09/04/2012 at 03:45PM

MP3 of the Day: Plastic Flowers, "Empty Eyes"

Today, we present to you via Bad Panda a new track by young Grecians Plastic Flowers. Empty Eyes is the first single off their upcoming Aftermath EP.

Originally a one-man ambient project, now a duo, Plastic Flowers consists of G. Samaras and Anjel Paschalidis. They write experimental pop music, creating dreamy melodies with taped beats, reverbed guitars and ethereal choirs. Both of them are self-taught musicians and heavily influenced by artists as The Notwist, Slowdive, Boards of Canada and Sneaker Pimps.

Download their latest EP Natural Conspiracy for free at Bandcamp or get a limited edition cassette at the C&T records shop.

Plastic Flowers at: Free Music ArchiveFacebook | Soundcloud

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badpandarecords on 08/23/2012 at 12:00PM

MP3 of the Day: ghostandthesong, "Ou Inme"

Another song + video pairing for your Thursday moods, originally released in March. “Neo-unrealistic-pop” one-man project Ghostandthesong is actually one of the most interesting exponents of the Berlin experimental scene. Matthias Kanik released his first split tape together with Chris Rehm, on DZ Tapes (and also available as a free download).

His new EP is introduced by the Ou Inme video, created by multimedia animation studio hypertrashwonderland - the brain child of director and digital filmmaker Marcus Grysczok (via).

ghostandthesong at: Free Music Archive | Soundcloud

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badpandarecords on 07/31/2012 at 03:00PM

MP3 of the Day: Isle, "Bayview"

Coming from Pensacola (Florida), Isle are Michael Maleki (also well known as Kodak To Graph), Tobi Echevarria, Brandon Warren, Dave Doelker and Brendan Peppler.

Their debut single, Bayview, is a compendium of ethereal and dreamy moments likely to be influenced by sounds from artists as Radiohead, Yo La Tengo, Fleet Foxes and Washed Out. Definitely not to be missed. (via + interview)

Isle - "Bayview" (03:54)
Isle - "Bayview" (03:54)
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