artofflying (Artist)


Art of Flying is the songs of David Costanza & Anne Speroni set to music by an ever-changing cast of talented co-conspiritors. Working out of their home studio, the Barn, they have recorded 6 CD's & 1 10" record since forming the band in 1998. Their songs are hazy & beautiful, content to balance contradictions: critics calling them at first "clear & bright" & then in the next sentence, "creaky & weird;" "soulful & expansive" at one moment & "arid & desolate" the next. "Atmospheric, voraciously eclectic, momentarily Floydian...& thoroughly brilliant," is how the Eugene Weekly described Art of Flying's music. Originally based in Questa, NM & now living in Taos, Art of Flying stays mostly off of the musical grid. Italian magazine BLOW-UP called them "the best-kept secret in American music of the new century."