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arispool on 05/26/2010 at 04:15PM

Alternative Soundtracking

Making movies is an easy way to flatten your stomach.

Everyone's talking about the Lost finale all over this wide internet, and we barely need speak of it here. But one thing that could have been improved: the music. It was so standard soundtrack-y! Swells, crescendos, strings, so on, so forth. It sounded like Jurassic Park! It sounded like so much other garbaaaaage I hear all the time when people are making "monumental" cinematic achievements! (I refer to Lost as cinema because even though it's a television show, the scope of the production, the fact that it was filmed on location, and the base in character development made the whole thing feel like a 6 year film.)

Which got me thinking "What in the FMA is good for soundtracks?" As you must know, every track on here is available for use as a soundtrack to a film of your own devising, as long as you don't make money off of it. Creative Commons is awesome like that. So, let's make a movie, as they say! Here's a hypothetical treatment I've just cobbled together, after the jump.

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arispool on 03/18/2010 at 12:00PM

For When You Don't Have Time for Talkin'

This gentleman has seen the light, and now carries around a California Raisin to perform all of his social interactions for him.

An Annotated Guide to Replacing Every Day Conversation with Songs from the FMA

It's a busy world. You read about it on the teevee all the time: "Today's Teenagers Are Looking at Screens 89% of the Time"; "Families No Longer Connect on Emotional Levels, Arrangement Now Purely Financial"; etc. We don't have time for each other, to give each other gifts, to wipe a bit of chocolate off of a child's cheek, to read the newspaper and sip coffee on a Sunday morning while the wife cleans the bathroom.  

What if I told you that I could free up some time in your life and help restore you to your vernal vision? All you need is the Free Music Archive's handy "Embed this Track" feature, and you, yes YOU, can start communicating difficult concepts through song.  No more sticky social situations where your words fall out of your mouth in a cascade of idiocy, turning the rest of your day into a winding tunnel of bureaucracy! Let a singer do the talking!

Let's start with a simple one. Say your significant other comes home at night, fretting about an incident that day at work where he/she walked around for a good two hours with a gigantic piece of broccoli stuck between their teeth. "It's gonna cost me that promotion!" they cry. You simply reply:

It's easy! You've saved time, you've reassured your family, and all with one copy and paste. Come with me to the other side of the jump for more.

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