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My name is Anna, I've worked as a professional copywriter for 3 years after graduating. Additionally, I've spent over a year as a copywriter for multiple publications in the music industry. I also have 5 years of marketing experience and can add additional value above and beyond general copywriting. I have worked with written content for a large cross section of local and national companies. I like travelling and I have already visited 10 countries. As a hobby I like cooking and yoga.  I'm the lsi copywriter, editor, and social media manager for a web development company since February of 2017.

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anna_everson on 05/28/2019 at 02:01PM

Writing a Music Review That Hits the Right Notes

If the thought of writing a music review is bothering you, then you need to seek assistance from professional experts to help you with the task. Writing a music review is no child’s play but not a herculean task either. Writing a music review is simply the art of hitting the right notes for you to produce a great composition that would be the envy of your peers and get you that grade that you always desired.

Writing a Music Review: The Basics

There are several elements that you need to remember while writing a music review. First, the composition that you are reviewing should be examined from the point of view of a professional musician and hence you should have an expert’s take on the subject. Secondly, writing a music review is mostly about listening to the pitches and notes in the composition and determining whether they are in tune with the composer’s overall approach to the score. Finally, writing a music review involves some amount of appreciation from your end with regards to a taste for different kinds of music and the ability to discern the patterns.

Brush up your Music Review

When writing a music review, remember to practice the equivalent of proof reading on the review that you have written. Writing a music review that resonates well is part of the job done. You need to brush up the review by going over it and find any discordant notes in it. Once you are done with it, it is better for you to get an audible sense of how well you have succeeded in writing a music review.

You can get expert assistance from professional writing companies like APlusA. All you need to do is visit our website and ask for a quote for the task of writing a music review. Alternately, you can call our customer service desk and our representatives would be glad to help you.

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anna_everson on 04/18/2019 at 12:52PM

Rock's Back Pages: What We Read On Our Holidays

Sun, sea and the chance to dip you toes into the murky waters of the rock biography. That's what the annual rock lover's summer getaway was made for.

But what to pack? The pop star tell all, or the in-depth (though often ghost written) warts and all tales of fame and drug induced mayhem?

Well, let's test the waters with a book that seemingly covers all those bases. Keith Richards' 'Life' (with James Fox), is big on tittle tattle, but light on the much anticipated goings-on of the second biggest rock band in history, the Rolling Stones.

That said, Fox captures Keith's voice perfectly, and the guitarist's asides on his ego driven frontman, Mick Jagger, will have you chuckling into your sombrero well into your two week vacation.

Mark Oliver Everett is better known as E, the singer, writer and frontman of the Eels. His childhood was blighted by the emotionless exterior of his father, Hugh Everett III; a no ordinary patriarch at that.

He was a physicist at and originator of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory and of the use of Lagrange multipliers for general engineering optimizations. Which may sound heavy going, but Mark with his book, 'Things The Grandchildren Should Know', writes with an inquisitive eye and humorous self-depreciation. And yes, he does give an insight into the birth of his muse and subsequent Billboard hogging success.


Madness: The Nutty Boys Exposed

House Of Fun: The Story Of Madness is a comprehensive delve into the seven disparate characters who made up the 'Nutty Boys' sound.

Having recently released a critically acclaimed 'comeback' album, The Liberty Of Norton Folgate, the band are at a new commercial high. So rather than be a story of diminishing returns, it has an almost Hollywood conclusion .. though the usual array of heartbreaks, fall outs and cringe worthy incidents litter the middle chapters.


Ian Dury: Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

Ian Dury became known as 'uncle Ian' to the Madness boys. His early incarnation as Kilburn and the High Roads was a huge influence on Suggs and crew. Then came the Blockheads and Dury briefly tasted success when Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick topped the UK charts in 1980.

But as his popularity declined, so did his bitter side win the personality fight. Dury was the archetypal lover and fighter, and alcohol tended to bring out the latter.

With a movie, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, capturing his many-sided personality, it was the job of the book, Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, to tell the tale of his musical side. And a mighty fine read it is too.

All the above can be found on Amazon and other good online publishing outlets. So happy holidays and happy reading.

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