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ange on 11/27/2012 at 10:00AM

Everything Is A Remix, Especially These Prelinger Remixes

Come on out to the Anthology Film Archives in NYC this Thursday, November 29 at 8pm for a keynote and screening with the Free Music Archive. Hear Kirby Ferguson share what makes everything a remix, and stay for a selection of the winning Prelinger Archive mashups from our Past Re-Imagined As The Future contest.

Tickets are free.

The event will begin with the brief keynote from film producer Kirby Ferguson, who will explore centuries of culture to demonstrate how remixing -- creating music from samples of existing music -- is a good metaphor for all varieties of creativity. He'll also discuss some of the myths of creativity, present several popular examples of remix-like technique, and show how creativity -- like remixing -- is the result of three basic techniques: copying, transforming and combining.

Here's one of Ferguson's latest videos, explaining why box office hits so often rely on existing materials. He calls the act of transforming the old into the new one of Hollywood's greatest talents.



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