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andygcohen on 03/28/2016 at 10:32AM

"Through the Lens" Released!

"Through the Lens" is an album of multi-instrumental, dreamy, guitar-based songs I composed and recorded between September 2015 and March 2016. The style of music falls somewhere around post-rock, indie rock, and instrumental folk. You may have heard some of these songs in the past month on FMA or in different videos or podcasts because I was releasing each song as it was finished. Now the whole set is finished.

The instruments used on this set of songs include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, PercPad, keyboard, tambourine, egg-shaker, kanjira, beatboxing, and some limited synth. 

All of these songs are released under a CC-BY (Attribution) license, so feel free to do whatever you like with it as long as you attribute properly (attribution is listed on each track's page). Feel free to let me know if you used any songs in a video or other interesting production.



RockstarBruski on 07/12/16 at 08:49AM
I really like your music! I used the following songs
A Human Being
Sheffield Hall
Monkey Bars
Just a Blip
Scramby Eggs
in a DIY electric bike conversion video found at

and of course I gave you proper credit and linked your page at the end of my video. Have a great day and keep up creating more songs! :)
RockstarBruski on 07/12/16 at 01:15PM
Also I used three other of your songs on another video which is a DIY trap and transport a skunk.
songs were:
Through the lens
Worky Worky
Don't you think it's time

here's the video link

cheers! :)
andygcohen on 07/14/16 at 11:49AM
Hi RockstarBruski, thanks for the kind words and for choosing my music for your videos!

Thanks also for the proper attribution! Very few people attribute properly and I really appreciate taking the time to get it right :D

I would only ask if you could possibly just put a short link to my site in the text descriptions of the videos (if it's not too much to ask). That way people could just click a link if they look in the description.

Thanks a lot and thanks for the visit!

-- Andy
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