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alexlos on 06/20/2019 at 04:55PM

Top Fifteen Types of Music for Studying: Choose Favorite Genres!

It looks like you’re not in the mood for studying today. Sometimes you just need a bit of focus, and, as the latest studies show, music is what’s going to help you. And, by the way, music for study is going to block all those annoying noises from you for a while.

Music for Studying vs. Overwhelming Silence: Which One Is Better?

So, the question is: do music and study go well together?

Background Music For Studying: ProsBackground Music For Studying: ConsIt helps to relax; It sets a rhythm to the work; It creates a specific atmosphere. With monotonous work, music can distract from the task; The rhythm of the music in the background won’t match the work; A sudden sharp note can lead to a slip.

Anyway, there are a lot of questions, like whether to listen to famous music or to least known genres, the one with lyrics or without, etc. Let’s dive right into it!

Music for Studying: Classification and Tips. Liszt or Metallica?

Classical Music

Classical songs will help you find an unusual approach to a complicated task. Use it when you deal with something like creative writing.  

Jazz Music

Jazz relaxes and at the same time boosts your imagination. Are you ready to write a short novel? Tune into the Smooth Jazz station.  


This one is rather questionable. However, if you don’t choose hard core, but pick instead something like The Rolling Stones or Queen, you’re in for an influx of inspiration.  


If you need to learn a poem or a text, listening to opera songs can help stretch your imagination quite a bit!  


When there are a lot of formulas to deal with, ballads will help remember them!  


Just look at this task – can there be a solution to it, after all? Reggae will help you out. It’ll clear your mind and show you the easiest way.  


In case of a really stressful task, like a dissertation or exam drilling, yodeling can help you relax.  


This is a wonderful type of music to study with and a good way to tune into your topic quickly.  


With clear oriental motifs, zapin’s whimsical tune will spur your imagination like nothing else has ever had.  


Rhythmical and weird, the sounds of Indian music are the best when you face a really annoying task.  


If you need to calm down and work on something demanding focus, gospel music will suit perfectly.  

Xhosa Music

You won’t find anything really similar to this type of music – and that’s the best about it. It’ll never distract you from anything in the world.  

Zulu Music

“Nants… ingonyama bagithi baba!”

No, really, there’s nothing more to add. Even if you haven’t watched The Lion King, you’ll definitely like this music for studying. It’ll give you a shot of vivacity for the rest of the day.  

World Music

When dealing with something like culture studies, you’ll need some background music that won’t focus your mind on a single ethnicity.  

Chill Out Music

The kind of music created for relaxation, it’ll keep you calm even when your studies go wrong.

Once you have the proper music in the background, you feel happy, excited and ready to work - so don’t forget your Walkman next time you’re getting down to writing your assignment!



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