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YizzyV on 10/30/2018 at 02:44AM

Musiio Playlist 13 #Synthwave

“I make ear movies” says electronic producer Starcadian, whose album Midnight Signals (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is, in my opinion, the epitome of synthwave/retrowave perfection. It took me a whole month to realise that there wasn’t actually a film! 

This playlist is a homage to that masterpiece. Best heard from start to finish, I attempted to recreate the drama of a science fiction film by starting with groovy Star Song, introducing conflict in Space Disco and then a sense of lost in Young. Büromaschinen and Omyiga later leads us to an epic space boss fight through fast, arppeggiated Techno and Drum & Bass. All with well-loved 80s vintage synths! 

Thank goodness I had our A.I's help too, or sieving through FMA’s massive catalogue would have been near impossible.

What do you think of the recent 80s Revival movement? Share with us by commenting below! 

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YizzyV on 08/08/2018 at 06:55PM

Musiio Playlist 8 #TripHop

Search 'lofi hip hop' on Youtube and you'll likely find many mixes with "chill/study/relax" in the title, plastered with an anime thumbnail image. 

I don't know about you, but from where I am (Singapore), these playlists are EVERYWHERE. Almost everyone I know are either listening to these mixes or a new upload by Majestic Casual. 

Because of the popularity of these playlists, Trip Hop (used synomously with Downtempo - though the latter has a cleaner, less 'earthy' sound) is 'Lofi Hip Hop' to the people in this region. 

And they are not wrong. Trip Hop pioneers Portishead, for example, record their material to old tape from real instruments, and then sample their recordings rather than recording their instruments directly to a track. Part of its aesthetic is its unabashed use of tape hiss, degraded audio signals and samples of 60s-70s soul/jazz crooners. 

We fed our favourite trip hop tracks into our A.I and it resulted in this stunning playlist from the FMA. Enjoy. 

Ysabel @ Musiio 

Anitek - "Ash" (03:10)
Anitek - "Ash" (03:10)
dustmotes - "Soulbox" (02:22)
dustmotes - "Soulbox" (02:22)
Suhov - "Different" (04:43)
Suhov - "Different" (04:43)
Jazzafari - "B.A.G." (04:06)
Jazzafari - "B.A.G." (04:06)
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