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Zerg Radio
on 02/23/2016 at 08:39AM
https://youtu.be/KsOjyn5gKyw Fan video here :)
on 01/15/2016 at 05:42PM
All of these opportunities, everything offered and yet it all seemed feeble, small compared to what we saw. Light, endless light. We have all seen this tunnel. We have all seen what we can’t believe…or so I would hope. I see something more than just US. The big bang is how we became, yes? We arrived from destruction, and we will perish from destruction, yes? I see something far more then living and dying. I see a Heaven of which the joys and splendors are limitless. I see an everlasting light up with the stars, my friends. We have all wanted nothing more than this, yes? We all long for a life beyond this. We all pray for our lives to go on forever. Yet, we descend and desert our comfort for bliss. We chase things that disappear in enough time. We run from things that last forever. We fear the eternal because of that reason. It IS eternal. And so we run and hide. We cannot admit that there is something far larger then Earth and Space. It lies beyond. This kingdom will fall. Our empires will fall. But we will have another…built for us. Not something that we will have to fight and work for but a gift, nay, the greatest gift of all. We have been granted this eternity for which we do not know why. But I am certain of this. It is indeed love that drives us, yes? Then let love guide us to our better path. Eternity of love…isn’t that worth US?