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I could tell you but you wouldn't believe me.

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Unlearny on 04/08/2018 at 02:57AM


Some of those songs are weird.  What’s the deal with the vangelis jab?

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Unlearny on 12/23/2017 at 08:22AM

Wow landed gentry living sucks

this is really u can unlearn guitar liv and unfilt.

i have a building that I live in and own ... it is in chicago, birthplace of the blues because it historically and currently sucks to be black here, as bad as the other home of the blues, Mississippi.  We had a black mayor once upon a time, but Daley had him killed, most likely.   Chicago is also the birthplace of House music, because chicagoans are mostly shut ins. Dealing with the cowork/hangout joint on the first floor, and the violation ripe exterior of the building has taken up some time.  Also the financial institution that wonders about renewing my loan is also disturbing once every 5 years or so.  That hurdle has been overcome, see u in 2023.

Between those two central issues, my musical output has been crippled.

I’m working on a new bunch of songs all singer songwriter type stuff.  You know, songs about STAYING FIT, THE SIMULTANEITY OF THE WILD WEST / INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Karl Marx’s CAPITAL, if you believe in an aryan race then your grasp of genetics is extremely poor.  I think one is about how the nuclear family structure is the origin of all terrorism.  But it’s catchy, hit-oriented, danceable, and not “too smart“ don’t fret.  

Teens will be able to use 60% of the songs titles as themes for their school dances.

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